Month: December 2020

Why Great Meetings Are Killing Your Productivity

There’s nothing like a bad meeting to ruin your productivity, and sometimes your day. Though, without a deliberate approach to collaboration, even great, productive meetings can be silent – and deadly – productivity killers. What’s tricky about this is that it has...

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No Need To Go It Alone – Your Cloud Journey

Over the years, we have our seen our customers’ Cloud journeys take many different paths. We have also witnessed the rapid evolution of big box Public Cloud providers, as they became the place to whom most organizations turn to begin dabbling in the great Cloud...

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To Innovate Successfully, Question Everything

In my experience, the people driving business transformation, creating new products or services, or innovating in any context, who are not deliberate about “questioning everything” throughout the entire lifecycle of their service or business, are much more likely to...

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