Month: July 2022

Unexpected Value of the VAR

A dozen years ago, a favorite customer of mine shared an interesting insight.  He told me that engineers often want to get together with their peers outside of their company to build their network and learn from one another.  I chuckled and mentioned that...

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Accelerating Modernization

Today’s executives are faced with multi-faceted challenges when guiding their organizations. Almost all would agree that speed-to-market, Cloud adoption, available skilled labor, and aging infrastructure top the list. The dynamics of any organization will greatly...

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Leadership Lessons from EmpowHER 2022

“Do you know what the #1 key to employee retention and satisfaction is?” We asked this question to our esteemed panelists during Converge’s annual EmpowHER event, and the answer received nods, likes, and fist bumps from our live chat of attendees. The answer? Frequent...

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