John Flores

Using Virtualization Concepts to Eliminate Wasteful Redundant Data

The relentless growth of data remains one of IT’s biggest challenges, with annual growth rates approaching 70 percent in some organizations. A good deal of this growth is the result of too many systems creating redundant copies of data for multiple purposes. Various studies indicate that companies worldwide are spending about $50 billion every year

Cognitive Computing Boosts the Speed and Accuracy of Video Analysis

Surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere these days, deployed by consumers, businesses and other organizations seeking to deter crime and document security-related events. According to some estimates, more than 60 million surveillance cameras are now deployed across the U.S. recording billions of hours of footage each week. It would be impossible for humans to watch

A Dynamic Network Perimeter Demands Robust Identity Management

In the days of the traditional “network perimeter,” security resources such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems were dedicated to defending that perimeter. If you could keep outside threats from somehow penetrating or circumventing the exterior wall, the network would remain safe. The problem is that the traditional network perimeter no longer exists. Users can

Gain Visibility and Value from Data with Cohesity DataPlatform

Data is the coin of the realm for modern business, providing insights that help companies make better decisions, understand markets, boost sales, improve processes and optimize costs. In fact, there are very few business decisions that aren’t influenced by data these days. Finding and using that data is becoming increasingly difficult, however. Organizations of all

Getting Hybrid IT Right

It wasn’t that long ago that many analysts and experts envisioned a day when organizations would move their entire technology infrastructure into the cloud in order to gain nearly limitless capacity with almost no management overhead. That, of course, hasn’t happened. Most companies realized fairly quickly they’d need to keep sensitive data and mission-critical applications

Why You Should Consider Hybrid Cloud Storage

According to RightScale’s most recent State of the Cloud survey, 96 percent of organizations now use the cloud in some form or fashion. However, most also remain fully committed to keeping some mission-critical workloads on-premises. That’s why hybrid cloud is widely viewed as the logical end game for most organizations. As the name implies, a

Cloud Governance Is Key to Reducing Waste, Risk and Costs

According to RightScale’s 2018 State of the Cloud Survey, 85 percent of enterprise organizations now have a multi-cloud strategy, with companies reporting that they use nearly five different clouds on average. While the multi-cloud strategy has undeniable benefits, there is a risk of “cloud sprawl” that could lead to wasted resources, rising costs and security

CIOs Are Grappling with the Challenges of Accelerating Digital Transformation

For the past several years, digital transformation has been the top priority of businesses across a wide range of industries. The term refers to the strategic optimization of business processes and models in a way that takes full advantage of technology to better serve customers, spur innovation and create competitive advantages. While digital transformation necessarily

Mainframes Are Alive and Well – But What about Disaster Recovery?

The first mainframe was introduced in 1943, weighed about five tons and filled an entire room. Not many computer technologies can match the staying power of mainframes, which have evolved quite a bit but continue to power many of the world’s largest organizations today. In fact, a recent survey from BMC found that 92 percent