Wegmans Food Markets Modernizes Analytics Technologies with Microsoft PowerBI and IBM Cognos

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Wegmans Food Markets, a prominent American supermarket chain headquartered in Rochester, NY, has consistently held its position as America’s premier grocery store. With over 110 stores and annual revenue exceeding $11.2 billion, Wegmans understands the pivotal role of data analytics in maintaining its reputation and staying ahead of the competition. However, their journey to harnessing the power of data analytics was marked by challenges and the need for modernization. 

Wegmans’ approach to analytics was diverse, leveraging a range of software tools from different vendors. These tools were essential for making informed decisions and providing the best shopping experience to their customers. However, managing this intricate ecosystem and ensuring it could adapt to evolving business needs was a formidable task.

One pivotal moment in their analytics transformation was the adoption of Microsoft PowerBI, a cutting-edge analytics tool. While this presented exciting possibilities, it also posed challenges in terms of seamless integration and ensuring all employees could leverage its capabilities effectively.

Recognizing the need for structured best practices and comprehensive training, Wegmans sought a partner to guide them through this transformative journey. They turned to Converge, a recognized expert in analytics training and implementation.


Converge’s expertise was instrumental in developing a tailored training program for Wegmans, enabling over 2,000 users to harness the full potential of PowerBI. This program included not only technical training but also the establishment of user groups, documentation of best practices, and access to expert advice. It wasn’t just about adopting a new tool; it was about fostering a data-driven culture within the organization.

But the transformation extended beyond PowerBI. Wegmans had an existing IBM Cognos environment, a critical component of their analytics ecosystem. With Converge’s support, this environment saw remarkable growth, with over 5,000 users and a staggering 9.2 million report executions annually.

Converge’s partnership with Wegmans was about more than just training; it was about providing guidance and expertise that elevated Wegmans’ analytics capabilities. They helped Wegmans strike the delicate balance between modernization and maintaining the performance of their existing analytics platforms.


Today, Wegmans Food Markets stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration in the ever-evolving field of analytics. They continue to leverage cutting-edge technologies while ensuring their analytics ecosystem remains robust and responsive to their business needs.

Wegmans Food Markets and Converge have demonstrated that with the right partnership, even the most complex analytics challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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