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The Covid-19 virus has impacted every industry currently operating in North America. Most offices, including Converge’s, have turned to a Work From Home (WFH) or Work Remote (WR) strategy in order to mitigates its spread. However, many industries are unable to adopt this strategy due to the nature of their businesses. In particular the healthcare industry, which directly serves the people who are being hurt the most by the virus, must continue functioning as it always has – to the absolute best of its ability. Flexible solutions such as telemedicine will prove vital to this effort.

A primary concern for these organizations is the strain that the influx of COVID-19 patients will place on their care facilities, such as hospitals. According to health authorities, the only patients who are expected to require hospital care are those with pre-existing medical conditions, while patients with milder symptoms can be treated and monitored at home or at nursing facilities. To help monitor non-hospitalized patients and maintain communications between patients, doctors, and healthcare workers, Converge Technology Solutions Corp. is introducing its Cisco Virtual Care Technology solutions, which enables 24-hour communication between affected parties.

Converge’s VCT solution is focused on helping customers select and implement Cisco technologies to increase the access their patients have to them via telemedicine. By implementing the right communication solutions, hospital systems, community health services, first responders, and nursing homes can use VCT’s two-way audio/video collaboration and mobile solutions to:

• Perform regular check-ins with patient remotely.
• Provide prompt evaluations of new patients to ensure the best possible outcomes.
• Allow safe access care without the risk of infection.
• Continuously monitor patients.
• Respond quickly to urgent situations.
• Increase collaborations among facilities, clinicians, and first responders.
• Provide a home health option as hospitals won’t be able charge a differential for a private room where isolation medically necessary.
• Provide an added layer of safety and peace of mind.

What Converge can do for you

Converge is a Cisco Gold Partner that is well-positioned to deliver digital services to meet the requirements of healthcare organizations. Our team has decades of experience in the industry and will work with your organization to determine the specific Cisco collaboration cloud solutions and end points needed to enable your staff to take care of all your patients, even the ones that aren’t being directly cared for in your facilities.

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