Carole Schenkenfelder

Position: In Loving Memory

Dear Friends,

It’s been my privilege and honor to work for SIS for nearly 28.5 years. The time has come, however, for me to bid you all farewell… I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of you and wish you all the best. I encourage each of you to continue contributing in your own unique and special way because together THIS is what has made SIS great. You are the secret sauce.

Carole H. Schenkenfelder

As we conclude a month full of support for the Converge Women In IT, we would like to pay tribute to a special member of the Converge family who gave this same kind of encouragement to all she met- Carole Schenkenfelder of SIS. To highlight the incredible woman she was and the lasting mark she left at our company, in our field, and in our hearts, we think her coworkers say it best:

Carole has had such a positive impact on so many of us. She was a very special person that positively touched our lives in so many ways. She was clearly a tremendous partner to Joe, a fabulous mother, a great friend, and a very special member of the SIS family. The positive impact she has had on the members of the SIS family and the clients that she touched in her 28-year career with SIS is so very special. What a journey it has been and how blessed we all are to have had the opportunity to have the Schenkenfelder Team as a part of our lives. Thank you, Carole and the Schenkenfelder family.” – The SIS Team and Its Extended Family

 Carole was a fellow rep that I could trust to talk over the pricing of a deal, review a client situation, laugh about the latest innovative Sales tool that was going to make our jobs easier, and just shoot the breeze. She and I had a lot in common, both work and family, and I will miss her deeply.” – Pat Cleveland

Carole’s colleagues became her family over the years, simply because of the amazing way she could make you feel special. Shortly after I started at SIS, she befriended me, noting that the girls had to “stick together” in the technology world. She took me to lunch and spent the time to get to know me as a person. Those who knew her in the workplace knew she was fierce when it came time to close a deal. She encouraged me to be confident in my decisions at work but reminded me to lead with kindness. I remember her saying ‘you never know what someone is going through that we may not know about.’ That has certainly helped shape me as an HR professional, but also as a friend. She also, unknowingly, taught me many lessons on marriage, family, friendships, and, most importantly, where to buy the best handbags and shoes. Even after her passing, she is still teaching me: Carole Schenkenfelder lived a very full life. Therefore, the memories of her are constantly reminding me to live with passion, love fiercely, and, of course, not waste time of cheap shoes! I will never forget my last words to Carole and how they described our relationship so accurately: ‘Love always for my Carole… the lady I want to be when I grow up.’” – Candace French