Robert Verola

Position: CEO, Vicom

Robert Verola is a 30+ year veteran of the IT industry. He graduated from St John’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, minor in economics and an MBA in Finance. He started his career in the Information Technology industry at Burroughs for 2 ½ years which he was named new account executive for the 2 years running. He then was recruited by his former boss to Wang Labs to open a strategic account which he did and then managed for 5 years and turned it into one of Wang’s largest accounts.

After leaving Wang, he started Vicom along with his brother Vic as a leasing company for a number of years and transformed it to an IT solution provider through his strategy and long-term vision. Robert is CEO of the organization. Robert lives on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife Geri. He has 4 children: Michael and triplets Steven, Ryan & Kristie and a granddaughter Lily.  Michael & Steven all work at Vicom, his son Ryan works in the IT industry and his daughter Kristie works in the digital Media industry. Robert also enjoys traveling, skiing, tennis, exotic cars and car racing.