Rochelle Manns

Position: Director, Public & Hybrid Cloud

How did you get started in the technology sector?

My mom recently found a picture of me in middle school when I was setting up my first radio shack computer. I was 18 when I had my first paying job as a burn-in technician for my college co-op. I’ve always loved science and technology. I’m an information nerd.

What is the greatest advancement in technology you’ve seen during your career?

The internet. The access and sharing of information- if made accessible and affordable and used respectively and responsibly- really can be a wonderful catalyst for advancement of all in society.

What career accomplishments would you like to highlight?

Longevity and growth in a field that was not always so accepting!’

What is your favorite part about working in technology?

The people I meet and helping my customers achieve technology wins.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In recent years, my mother has become my best friend. She is helping me monetize a design patent that I was issued for a home fragrance product 10 years ago. During the weekends we bring one of a kind experiences to our home décor customers in the East Village of San Diego. It has been mentioned a few times that we should have our own reality show. For those that know me I have given up HPDE for flowers and fragrances!

What is your favorite quote?

Always be who you want to be, not what “society” says you should be. Don’t comprise the essence of you in the pursuit of career or conformity. Keep it real and keep it fun. If you start to lose yourself or it is no longer fun, it is time to move on!