Trade Company Executes Cost-Effective Migration to Google Cloud

Executive Overview:

A global corporate trade company needed to improve their media buy process. Converge Technology Solutions wrote and migrated a custom suite of intelligent Machine Learning applications that allows the client to automate optimized media buys.

The Challenge:

The company offers advertisers cost-effective national coverage at aggregated local rates. Their buying team runs multiple scenarios to meet customers’ specific criteria. Speed of execution, turn-around time, and operational costs are paramount to client’s business. As their business grew, they needed a better way to plan and make their media buys.

Converge Solution:

Converge migrated several Machine Learning algorithms to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and deployed them across clusters of GKE instances, Google’s Kubernetes cloud services. Converge data scientists optimized several machine learning models, deployed on GCP using a genetic algorithm configuration for maximum insight. This migration directly addressed the client’s challenges.

The Result:

With the custom-built Machine Learning programs, the client increased what-if scenario computation from two per day to over 200, ultimately increasing productivity and profits. Their switch to GCP resulted in significant operation cost savings of more than five times what they would have seen with their previous platform. Cost per prediction were reduced by 5x as a result.