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Who We Are

Building a Trust Ecosystem

New advances in Digital Identity are changing the world today and we want to accelerate that change. In our world, transformative decentralized identity technologies are at the forefront of our strategy to improve business outcomes for our customers. We provide software that enables government and enterprise to securely offer digital services to their citizens and customers. Our products enable the ability to expand digital services, streamline data-sharing, drive down costs, and simplify the end-customer experience with market-leading time to service.

Portage is a member of the Converge Portfolio of Companies and customers benefit from access to cybersecurity resources across North America. We work closely with industry partners to deliver long-term solutions with industry-leading cost-of-ownership.

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What We Do

Providing secure and trustworthy digital services can be very challenging, especially given our customers’ growing need to respect user privacy at every step of any digital interaction. When governments expand these services to citizens and businesses, they must do so while ensuring that privacy and security are top priorities.

Enter Portage. Our enterprise-grade CIAM (Customer/Citizen Identity and Access Management) software enables governments to secure and protect online transactions while providing an omnichannel experience for their citizens.

Where Our Services Are Needed Most

Moving to a digital service model for customer interactions is a complex venture that introduces many new risks. With it comes the responsibility of managing extensive amounts of data while maintaining and improving the level of trust, privacy, and security that customers expect.

Political Leadership Wants In-Term Solutions

Online service delivery is expensive and fragmented, with considerable cost duplication.

Policy Change and Implementation

Current and oncoming privacy legislation requires innovative and adaptable solutions.

High Cost and Long-Time to Value

Providing digital services to citizens can be a complex, time-consuming, and costly effort.

How We Can Help

We help customers significantly increase the velocity of service delivery while reducing their costs by providing elegant solutions with privacy compliance. Our product provides end-users with the visibility and control needed to manage their personal information while working within a seamless and intuitive service environment.

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A Single, Secure Entry Door for Multiple Digital Services

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Automations to Enable and Protect Data Sharing

Secure Saas Platform on a computer

Secure Saas Platform that Enables Nextgen Service Transformation

Leading Edge Saas Platform

The Portage Trust Platform is a cloud-based solution with a unique and innovative capability that allows our clients to put their customers first. Our flexible policy and consent model will enable people to determine what, when, how, and for how long their personal information is used when accessing online services. This ground-breaking technology can be applied on any set or sets of data and is highly customizable to ensure that anyone can work efficiently and with minimal workflow interruption while still being able to see how their data is being used for each interaction.
Our integration with common and verifiable credentials enables our customers to use existing credentials within their ecosystem or credentials from partner organizations. This flexibility is instrumental in reducing costs and solving the most challenging problems in the space – knowing your customer and protecting their data. With the Portage Trust Platform, trust and assurance are the foundation upon which all other services are built.

Our Rapid Integration Module is proven to eliminate integration challenges that often delay project timelines and significantly reduces costs. Our unique and flexible approach enables integrations with a variety of different technologies. In addition, our product is designed to adhere to open standards such as SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, and OIDC.

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