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Office 365 Services

Converge Technology Solutions is a premier Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and Transform's services model provides their customers the best value from their Office 365 deployment. First, Transform provides you with experienced architects to identify user profiles to ensure that you are utilizing the correct mix of Office 365 subscriptions for your needs. From there, Transform's operations teams perform all of the leg work needed to acquire subscription licenses, create your new Office 365 tenant, and even assign and validate your primary domain name, if required. At that point you have a fully functional Office 365 environment, but the value doesn’t stop there.

In addition to getting your new (empty) tenant going, as your partner, Transform will make sure that you are fully supported from day one. In order to do that, Transform will provide tier one and tier two end-user and administrative support for any Office 365 related issues that you and your teams might experience. Can’t get that mobile device connected? Transform can get it working. Having a tough time finding a document in OneDrive for Business? Transform can help you retrieve it.

  • Email migration
  • File share to OneDrive migration
  • SharePoint Migration
  • Skype to Teams migration


  • Security consulting
  • Office 365 Single Sign On
  • Office 365 backups
  • Mobile device management


Active Directory & Exchange Services

Transform offers the most complete end-to-end services for Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange. Let our certified engineers assist you with the following Active Directory services:

  • Topology Design
  • Performance and tuning
  • Active Directory design, deployment, and upgrades
  • DNS/DHCP deployments and migrations
  • DFS/FRS optimization
  • Domain services performance diagnosis and remediation

Transform’s Microsoft Exchange engineers provide a complete set of solutions for your organization’s needs. These include:

  • Exchange topology design
  • Upgrade/migration services
  • Performance and tuning
  • High-availability design and implementation
  • Mail routing optimization
  • Secure messaging
  • Enterprise discovery
  • Data loss prevention
  • Single-Sign on
  • Backup/recovery planning
  • Public folder upgrades/migrations
  • PST imports/consolidation

Azure Deployment Services

We understand that moving your workload and service delivery to the cloud is a big step.  That’s why we offer a unique approach which is so much more than “lift and shift.” Moving to the cloud takes planning, training, and an approach to security that allows you to be sure your applications and data are safe.  Moreover, your organization needs to learn the skills required to ensure you’re not paying more than you should for the cloud services.  With so many choices, you need a partner you can trust.

Our approach does more than provide “knowledge transfer.”  Transform 360 engineers design with your team, deploy with your team, and train your team how to monitor and manage Azure services.  If the workload isn’t ready or a good fit for Azure, we’ll tell you.  If it is a good fit, we’ll explain why and then help you realize the benefits of Azure computing.

  • Perform site-to-site VPN setup/configuration
  • Perform instance workload right-sizing
  • Deploy compute instances through the portal
  • Deploy compute instances using Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates


  • Provide training on subscription management
  • Provide Azure SQL deployment and configuration
  • Conduct VMware/Hyper-V migration to Azure instances
  • Data Center/Cloud Migration Services
    • Application inventory
    • Application dependency mapping
    • Application migration wave planning
    • Shared services deployment
    • Migration execution
    • Operations monitoring
  • Azure optimization
    •  Reducing instance cost
    • Performance metrics collection
  •  Automation solutions/autoscaling
  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR) configuration and deployment
  • Azure backup solution configuration and deployment

Azure Information Protection Services

Protecting the organization’s data is a key concern for everyone these days. Converge Technology Solutions is a premier Microsoft solution provider who focuses on deploying and configuring Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP).  This solution allows people to individually classify documents or have the documents automatically classified based on contents.

AIP is an advanced data classification solution which works with Azure Data Loss Prevention and Rights Management to prevent disclosing sensitive content and potentially encrypting content if required for advanced protection.

Identity Access Management

Whether it’s because of improving security or improving user experience, managing user identities and ensuring access to only authorized systems has become a focal point for organizations around the world. Transform engineers are experts in supporting Identity and Access Management (IAM) services for organizations of every size.

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) deployment
  • ADFS Upgrades
  • Single Sign-On Service configuration
  • Self-Service Password Reset configuration and deployment
  • Multi-Factor Authentication configuration and deployment
  • LDAP consolidation
  • Identity consolidation (including X.500 address migration)
  • Identify and remove duplicate accounts
  • Provisioning/deprovisioning configuration services

Merger & Acquisition Services

The nature of business often results in organizations acquiring other organizations or splitting divisions off into separate operating entities. Transform has more than 15 years of experience provide support for merger and acquisition activities to include the following services:
  • Pre-acquisition estimates of cost and time required to conduct required migrations
  • Unify directories of organizations (GALSync) to have a single address book upon merger acquisition
  • Keep directories synchronized until merger activities are completed
  • Migrate/consolidate Active Directory domains to improve security and simplify operations


  • Migrate email, file shares, and documents
  • Migrate security groups
  • Perform Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations with coexistence
  • Consolidate active directory accounts and groups

SharePoint Solutions

Transform offers a complete portfolio of SharePoint on-premise and online solutions.  The collaboration and document management capabilities of SharePoint provide essential capabilities to organizations of every size. Let us assist your business with the following SharePoint solutions


  • Topology design (on premise only)
  • Version upgrades (on premise only)
  • Branding
  • Administration training
  • Site content migrations
  • Intranet design


  • Search design and optimization
  • Custom content type design and build
  • Records management solutions
  • Managed Meta-Data design and management
  • SharePoint workflow design
  • Nintex workflow design and optimization

Skype & Microsoft Teams Solutions

Many organizations still leverage Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams on premise solutions. While standardizing on a single platform may seem ideal, the reality is that organizations utilize a variety of file sharing tools from multiple vendors. As such, it’s imperative that they use the ones that correspond the best with the method in which the organization collaborates. These solutions require support design, deployment, and maintenance. As such, Transform provides the following services:

  • Review sharing and guest access policies
  • Determine required data classifications
  • Performance and tuning services
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • License management


  • Review default folders and channels required for organizational compliance
  • Third party integration support
  • Office Web Application server deployment/maintenance
  • Buddy list migrations to Skype for Business online

Terminal Services & Desktop Solutions

Our Microsoft engineers are experts in Remote Desktop and Terminal Services design and delivery. Allow our engineers to help with the following solutions.

  • Design and deployment
  • Performance and tuning
  • Upgrades and migrations


  • Application delivery
  • Office Pro Plus design
  • License Management

General Data Protection & Regulation (GDPR)

What is it?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal data protection framework, effective across the member states of the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes the 28 member states of the European Union (EU), plus Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein. The law is designed to protect individual personal data of all EU-based residents and visitors, regardless of the origin country where the data controller organization is situated.

Why is it Important?

The GDPR framework has expanded the definitions of personal data, privacy, and it has established six defined legal bases for the processing of personal data. These elements feature intrinsic data handling elements including retention, discovery, identifiable information, "psedonymous data", and various specific classifications that are required to achieve and maintain compliance.

How Can We Help?

In preparation for the GDPR, Transform has developed a range of privacy-by-design long-term GDPR compliant solutions. These effective solutions leverage the latest cloud and management tools, they help protect our partner organizations and ensure best practices. It is important that organizations understand GDPR obligations and make necessary amendments as well as process adoptions to achieve and maintain compliance.

Azure & Office 365 Compliance Manager Setup

Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online are a powerful component of these solutions. Protecting sensitive data in applications, messaging, on-premise, and across cloud services is at the core of GDPR compliance. Transform leverages this agnostic delivery platform so that all sensitive data can be protected and effectively managed. Over the course of delivery, Transform provides initial evaluation, metrics, and a comprehensive rollup GDPR status report.

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