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Azure Cloud Services

To take full advantage of the cloud, you need a new approach to IT operations. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud certainly provides an industry-leading IT cloud infrastructure, however knowing exactly what to use, and when, is still up to you. This operating knowledge is critical not only for your cloud adoption strategy, but also to your bottom line. Converge has created a set of proprietary and automated processes to ensure that we deliver best-in-class performance and services – exactly the way you need it.   

Successful Cloud Adoption Requires A Solid Foundation

With years of expertise strategically advising and implementing the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (“CAF”) for our clients, our DevOps team of Azure cloud engineers developed a set of best practices, methodologies, and tools for Azure implementation and maintenance. This includes the creation of proprietary processes necessary for implementing and maintaining Azure cloud landing zones and the Azure resources within those landing zones. 

SAP + Azure + Converge = Accelerated Business Innovation

Azure successfully runs business critical enterprise applications. If your company is running SAP, then consider leveraging Azure for combined benefits. Our tested expertise, with both Azure and SAP, ensures a successful journey to the cloud.

Converge has the SAP and Azure certifications and experience to support your strategic cloud and enterprise application initiatives. Wherever you are in your cloud transformation, we can assess, install, and/or migrate your SAP application workloads to Azure, and then fully manage the day-to-day IT operations to effectively run your SAP environment on Azure.

Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Assessments

Whether you are looking to begin your move to the Azure Cloud or you’re already there, let our experienced cloud consultants perform in-depth assessments that provide the best advice on how to ensure your Azure environments are secure, optimized, and set up according to best practices.

Azure Cloud Management Services

Let us take the stress out of keeping your Azure environments operational and available 24/7 by leveraging our highly skilled Azure Cloud supporters.

Azure Landing Zone

Let us define and deploy your Azure Landing Zone(s) by establishing an Azure DevOps pipeline through which Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC) automation methods are used to ensure consistent adherence to your governance, security, and overall policy requirements.

SAP on Azure Cloud Services

Whether you’re looking to migrate your SAP application workloads to Azure (or you already have them in Azure), let our highly skilled SAP on Azure engineers and supporter technically and functionally manage and optimize your SAP business-critical applications in the Azure Cloud.

Azure Cloud Migration Services

Let us implement, migrate, and/or adapt your on-premise application workload(s) in the Azure Cloud by leveraging our highly skilled Azure Cloud engineers.

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