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The ever-changing world of cybersecurity

As internal and external cyber threats continue to multiply in an unprecedented way, securing data, environments, and systems is a top priority of every client in every industry. We offer numerous varieties of information security and techniques to ensure the prevention of stolen or assaulted data.

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Our cybersecurity arsenal is comprised of an ever-evolving set of defense tools, risk management approaches, technologies, training, and best practices. We design a custom strategy based on clients’ specific security needs. All propositions are designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attacks or unauthorized access. Our industry-driven security solutions give customers the ability to add security everywhere from the core architecture, the network, the edge, and the endpoint while staying ahead of threats and providing fast remediation options.

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Our Cybersecurity Offerings

Professional Security Services

Whatever your industry, you are no doubt painfully aware that there is a shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals who can correlate technical findings with business risk.

Converge Professional Services identify security concerns of existing application, business processes, or infrastructure. Our objective third-party perspective can be instrumental in measurement of the adequacy and effectiveness of required or suggested controls. Our team can then provide clients with a strategic direction to address risk, compliance, and security concerns based the expert, independent and unbiased evaluations, and unique perspectives.


Managed Security Services

For maximum defensive vigilance and operational reliability, some complex security systems require years of experience to fully deploy, monitor, or maintain. Converge’s Managed Security Services are designed to serve as a remote extension of your security staff. We provide turnkey services that range from maintenance and administration to free up your security staff, to focused threat detection and remediation. Our experienced analysts and engineers provide the expertise and methodology to ensure the health and resilience of your environment so that your team can focus on the growing threats to your organization.



Identity & Data Protection

Organizations need to safeguard diverse data types such as structured and unstructured, online and offline – and do so across complex systems including hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We provide effective information governance services and solutions to help protect your information and improve the accuracy of big data intelligence.

Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity includes data protection solutions to protect user identity and data across a range of threats such as: insider fraud, unauthorized changes, and external attacks – all while ensuring compliance.  We can help you proactively identify unauthorized or suspicious activities by continuously tracking structured and unstructured data actions across your enterprise.



Risk & Compliance Management

Our certified, experienced experts collaborate with you to ensure that you fully understand your risk posture. We then apply a holistic, integrated approach to architect and implement a plan to mitigate those risks, meet compliance mandates, and minimize your exposure. We can assist your organization to increase awareness of the vast regulatory environment revolving around due care and due diligence. With proprietary tools and an inclusive approach, we are able to identify core risks and design and implement systems and protocols that ensure the highest standards of governance and compliance to meet today’s strict regulatory requirements.



Incident Threat Management

The intensity, source, and intent of security threats are constantly changing, which makes it difficult to know where the next attempt might break in. In order to provide our clients with an overall view of potential technical risks to their network architecture, best practice effectiveness, and gaps in information security controls, our cybersecurity experts conduct Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing services to identify and address threats before they impact the business. With the latest tools, methods, and technologies, we can identify both known and unknown vulnerabilities.

When the inevitable incident happens, Incident Management solutions and services try to reduce this impact as much as possible and allow for recovery as quickly as possible. Whether your threat management needs originate from an internal audit, a cyber-attack, a sensitive data breach, or a third-party pressure, our experienced team and industry-leading partners will help you rapidly contain a threat. Once contained, our team can help truly eradicate external actors from your environment, providing assurance to remediate with confidence.


Network & Infrastructure Security Technology

The amount of data generated by network devices and connected systems can be vast. As a result, many organizations struggle to analyze this information, demonstrate compliance to regulatory requirements, ensure protection of intellectual property and privacy information, and effectively manage security operations. Converge services can help you design, or validate your architecture of network security controls based on today’s known threats and tomorrow’s anticipated “known unknowns” leveraging decades of real-world experience.



Cloud & End-Point Security Technology

Today’s threat landscape is dynamic and rapidly changing, requiring a continuous review of existing technology investments across all assets for an organization, regardless of the location. Hybrid IT ecosystems are made up of thousands of devices, hardware, services, applications, platforms, and networks. The challenge of keeping all of these things secure requires the ability to rapidly detect, prioritize, investigate, and remediate attacks or data breaches.

Converge Cybersecurity solutions can help your organization develop and integrate a Cybersecurity strategy that is cross-platform and provides a scalable platform allowing integration with existing and new solutions added in the future. Our team can help define the right controls to address your risk across endpoints and cloud assets to harden the systems that guard your users and data.



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