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Securing the Modern Enterprise

The cost of a data breach can easily reach millions of dollars. Legal costs, regulatory fines, and lost revenue add up quickly, but the impact to an organization’s reputation and client confidence due to a breach can last years. Aggressive action now – securing your network’s edge perimeter, locking down privileged accounts, and patching vulnerabilities – will help protect and minimize exposure when an attack occurs.

A comprehensive cybersecurity program is key to protecting your organization from threats and ensuring your business is ready with efficient response strategies and protection plans for the future. Our innovative, outcome-driven approach and experienced security practitioners can help you address specific security areas or move toward an integrated cybersecurity strategy.

Why Converge?

At Converge, with our strong team of cybersecurity, risk, and compliance certified consultants, we take the time to fully understand our clients, their processes, and their technologies to provide solutions that work seamlessly in their environments. Our clients have since rewarded us by giving us their loyalty and trust. Our services include strategy consulting, intelligence, incident response, and data & application security. For years, we have helped companies of all sizes deploy and support industry-leading security solutions. We can help you design and install exceptional security capabilities, upgrade your systems without added risk, and mature at the right pace for your organization.

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Our Cybersecurity Offerings

Security Consulting

Technology is rapidly advancing to keep up with consumers’ demand for the next best thing. Correspondingly, vicious cyber attackers are upgrading their skills to potentially cash in on organizations dragging behind when it comes to their cyber defenses.

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The Converge cybersecurity arsenal is comprised of an ever-evolving set of defense tools, risk management approaches, technologies, training, and best practices. Our industry-driven security solutions give customers the ability to add security everywhere, from the core architecture, network, edge, and endpoints, while staying ahead of threats and providing fast remediation options.

• Security Controls Workshops
• InfoSec Assessments
• Network Pen Testing
• Web App Pen Testing
• Social Engineering Assessments
• Cloud Security Assessments

Identity & Data Protection

Experiencing a data breach affects an entire organization and often its clients, not just its IT department. Because a breach affects differing aspects of a business’s life cycle, the appropriate response should be multifaceted.

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At Converge, we can help you proactively identify unauthorized or suspicious activities by continuously tracking structured and unstructured data actions across your enterprise. We can provide your security team with certified, skilled support to help you protect your business and rapidly respond to incidents while maximizing the efficiency of your resources.

• Identity & Access Management
• Database Activity Monitoring Consulting
• Data Protection (Activity Monitoring, Encryption & File Integrity)
• Data Protection Managed Services
• 24×7 SOC

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Incident Management

Your incident response (IR) plan does not have to be overly complicated, however it does need to be clearly laid out in detail and tested regularly. Executive sponsorship is key to creating a culture of security across the organization.

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Our industry-certified risk and compliance experts have the experience creating and refining IR plans. We can help you develop your IR strategy, manage your IR program, and test real-world scenarios so your organization can respond quickly and efficiently.

• SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation Response)
• Incident Response Program Development
• Table-Top Exercises
• Root Cause Analysis
• Incident Handling Triage
• Managed IDS/IPS Services
• Managed EDR Services
• 24×7 SOC

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Security Intelligence & Analytics

Today’s threat landscape is evolving faster than organizations can hire security professionals to keep their systems safe. Responding to these risks requires smarter, intelligence-driven solutions that focus on maximizing resource effectiveness and minimizing damage.

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Converge’s Security Intelligence and Analytics solutions help you eliminate blind spots and provide visibility to what matters. Our experienced security professionals offer essential expertise, approaches, and solutions. We help you effectively monitor the security of your environment, improve your security systems and quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats.

• SIEM Assessment & Health Checks
• SIEM Deployment & Optimization
• SIEM Triage Services
• Multi-cloud Security Operations Controls
• Managed DNS Security
• Managed SIEM Services
• 24×7 SOC

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Security Remediation

Cyberattacks have become a big business for bad actors looking to hit a company when and where they least expect it. With the right solutions in place, your organization’s devices, networks, and data will have a layer of proactive protection that detects and responds to threats before they can take hold of your system.

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Converge’s Security Remediation solutions help create a structured approach to identifying and mitigating IT security threats.

• Remediation Planning
• Remediation Strategy Services
• Tactical Security Services
• VCISO Services
• Managed Vulnerability Scanning
• Endpoint Management Services
• 24×7 SOC

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