Application Modernization

Migrate, modernize, build, run, and operate your applications anywhere.

Our Approach

In this new era of technology, we know that you might be facing challenges when it comes to migrating and modernizing legacy applications to new platforms and applications.

As you modernize and adopt Hybrid or Multicloud strategies, you have to solve requirements around workload portability, integration, operability and consistent management across platforms.

Our practice was built with these core competencies in mind with a deep bench of highly skilled engineers and our dedicated team of solution architects. We have experts in modernization options and can be your assistant with re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, rearchitecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement, and retirement.

Our Capabilities

Application Modernization

Re-factor or re-platform existing customer applications


Tools and processes to deliver applications and services faster

Container Platforms & Kubernetes

Build and run native applications at scale 

APIs & Streaming

Move, process and access data seamlessly

IT Automation & Orchestration

Automate repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention

Observability & Intelligent Operations

Improve application performance and optimize for cloud

Redefine The Possibilities For Applications And Infrastructure

Our Approach

Application Migrations
Container Platform & Kubernetes
IT Automation & Orchestration
Observability & Intelligent Operations
Integration – APIs & Streaming

Application Migrations

Legacy application modernization is at the core of an organization’s cloud transformation initiatives. Converge’s well-architected multicloud ‘migrate to modernize’ development capabilities enable a continuum of workload migration options to re-platform, re-factor, or re-write to achieve optimal business agility and costs across the application portfolio.

  • Agile DevSecOps & SRE
  • DataOps, MLOps – DataBricks, Snowflake, Synapse, DataFactory, RedShift
  • AI-Assisted CI/CD Tool Chains &Everything-as-code Automation
  • Legacy Platforms: IBM WebSphere, J2EE, iSeries RPG and COBOL
  • Automated & AI-assisted Code Assessment Tools
  • Microservice Container Platforms
  • Secure Cloud-Native Serverless applications


The competitiveness of many organizations relies critically on their ability to deliver market-responsive digital products and services, requiring industrial-strength automate, secure, reliable, and low-cost DevSecOps capabilities for their application development, infrastructure and application deployment, operations, and maintenance. Converge’s DevOps team can help organizations increase their business agility and industrialize their software transformation.

  • Create and operate DevOps Center of Excellence to help advance customer’s DevOps maturity and culture
  • Champion ‘everything-as-code’ infrastructure, compliance, security, FINOPs and test “as-code” automation principles with vigilance
  • Establish best practices in cloud infrastructure and software life cycle governance with a well-architected framework across pillars of security, operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and reliability

Container Platforms & Kubernetes

Converge’s Containerization Service helps design, deliver, adopt, and scale containerization across organizations by providing access to skilled teams, accelerators, and a proven methodology. This is all built on market-leading Container platforms both on-prem and in the cloud, with the support of vendors like RedHat, Google, and AWS.

The service combines Converge’s capabilities, experience, and assets with Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to provide a world-class service that can be used based on business needs and readiness.

  • Assessment and Advisory Services
  • Platform Engineering & Operations
  • Workload Migration/Modernization
  • Cloud Native Platforms & Operations
  • DevOps/DevSecOps Engineering
  • Technical Trainings and Workshops

IT Automation & Orchestration

Automation is prevalent across many industries for the purpose of reducing cost, complexity, and errors. IT automation uses software to replace many of the repeatable and manual tasks IT professionals face daily. Leveraging industry-leading software solutions and platforms, Converge can help automate the deployment and management of an organization’s entire IT footprint including applications, clouds, firewalls, network devices, servers, and storage.

  • Optimize and Improve service delivery with a limited number of internal resources
  • Simplify and standardize environment management approach
  • Automate operations management
  • Automation of applications, clouds, firewalls, network devices, servers, and storage

Observability & Intelligent Operations

Manage IT environments more efficiently and experience less downtime related to maintenance and management. Converge’s IT experts help enterprises effectively manage technologies with the Operations Management solution. This offers a true management dashboard with full-scale reporting and performance ­monitoring.

  • Availability and performance monitoring of all items within the IT enterprise (“Manager of Managers”)
  • Dashboard and single pane of glass for events and alerts from all tools
  • AI/ML infused event correlation and consolidation
  • Application dependency discovery mapping

Integration – APIs & Streaming

Modern business demands real-time interactions and instant access to data. This means data must be near the applications, in the right format, and easily accessible. Converge’s experts help organizations integrate their data movement, access, and processing in near real time with new cloud-based applications using APIs and streams, supported by microservices and/or enterprise middleware solutions.

  • Manage access to services within and outside of the organization
  • Connect applications on-prem or in the cloud
  • API development and management
  • Minimize latency with event-based (Kafka) architectures
  • Synchronize data between diverse systems
  • Provide secure, reliable communication across application boundaries with enterprise messaging
  • Move data rapidly, securely, and predictably

App Mod Insights, Trends, And Resources


Converge And Red Hat: Unified Network Automation Platform (UNAP)

Networks are typically built, operated, and maintained manually. Network operators (NetOps) log in to routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls to change configurations by hand, then log out.

Traditional, manual approaches to network configuration and updates are too slow and error-prone to effectively support the needs of rapidly shifting application and developer requirements.

These challenges are magnified in an IT organization managing a multi-vendor network environment. Each network vendor (Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper, etc) has their own control plane to manage these systems.


Our partnerships with leading technology providers ensure that our staff is skilled and knowledgeable in the latest releases so the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program is always on track.

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VP, Advanced Analytics

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Vice President, Application Modernization

Liz Herrera
VP, Advanced Analytics

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Senior Director, Application Modernization

Liz Herrera
VP, Advanced Analytics

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Solution Specialist, Application Modernization

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