Digital Infrastructure

Every organization relies on and utilizes data infrastructure to connect with their customers and manage day-to-day tasks.

Our Approach

Converge’s Digital Infrastructure solutions enable the delivery of applications through secure, mobile, reliable access, allowing customers to achieve enhanced business outcomes. Digital transformation is the core tenant of Converge’s approach to Digital Infrastructure; we believe these solutions should accelerate the value chain of delivering products and services from our customer’s partners and suppliers to their end customers.

Our methodology utilizes specific gap analysis engagements in the form of assessments. Our experts take into account current state infrastructure and business requirements to build technology solutions for your organization.

Maintaining the Lead

Our technical services team uses the findings from our assessment engagements to develop plans to integrate, migrate, and activate key components of our customers’ Digital Infrastructure technologies. Our team is comprised of experts who have worked with organizations of all types and sizes. Because we hold the highest level certifications, we stay ahead of the field with the goal of continually elevating our customers’ ability to do business. Digital Infrastructure should grow and change to match the needs of your organization.

Digital Infrastructure determines your organization’s IT capabilities.

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Our Solutions & Services

Intelligent Networking

Converge believes in building networks that do more than communicate data. Utilizing software-defined and intent-based networking, we enable workplace automation and mobilize applications. We create secure networks from the ground up and assess and improve existing ones. Utilizing AI technologies, our network solutions are designed to regulate themselves and maximize outcomes for our customers.

Next Generation Data Center

Your company’s data is one of your most valuable assets. It drives innovation, creates competitive advantages, and serves as the cornerstone for digital transformation. Converge’s Next Generation Data Center solutions leverage revolutionary technologies that are transforming the industry landscape. Delivering intelligent data center solutions focused on agility, high-availability, and unparalleled performance is our specialty.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience practice is dedicated to unleashing the power of communication tools and allowing people to work together easily and securely at anytime, anyplace, from any device. We believe it’s vital to capitalize on the ability to streamline the value-chain and enable interactions. Our approach is simple and effective – begin with the customer’s needs in mind, create a secure path for collaboration, and make it reliable and easy to use.

End User Computing

Converge’s EUC solutions deliver application services with agility. Our engineers provide vehicles for devices to run apps in a distributed environment. Furthermore, Converge specializes in virtualizing applications allowing end users to leverage them to their full potential.

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