Redefine Your Contact Center Experience with AI

When your agents join forces with AI, they have the potential to revolutionize customer service for all.

Embrace A New Era Of AI Automation

As customer experiences evolve into intricate journeys, contact center leaders face a variety of challenges impacting competitiveness, customer loyalty, and agent satisfaction. Yet, in the pursuit of optimization, generative AI emerges as the guiding force in transforming contact centers across organizations of all sizes and industries, establishing a new benchmark for customer engagement.

Enter Contact Center IQ – a suite of enterprise-grade Generative AI services and frameworks, engineered to revolutionize customer interactions and agent experience. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into any contact center platform, it unlocks the potential to deliver exceptional service anytime, anywhere.

AI That Delivers Real ROI

Research shows that AI-enabled contact centers outperform their non-AI counterparts in yearly advancements across various metrics of customer experience and operational efficiency. Specifically, contact centers harnessing AI capabilities achieve:


Greater annual increase in customer satisfaction


Greater annual increase in customer retention rates


Greater annual increase in agent productivity


Greater annual improvement in service costs
Source: Aberdeen, May 2021

Introducing Contact Center IQ

Designed to tackle your most pressing CX challenges with a set of prebuilt AI frameworks and large language models. 
Contact Center IQ targets three main areas of operations by surfacing hidden insights from your customer interactions and journeys, empowering you to you to deliver personalized, high-quality conversations driven by AI, and equipping your team with next-gen automated intelligence and intuitive tools, setting a new standard for productivity and customer satisfaction.
insights iq<br />
Unlock hidden insights within customer channels and agent experience
Insights IQ is a generative AI solution designed to analyze data from customer and agent interactions. It unlocks actionable insights, empowering contact centers with enhanced decision-making capabilities.
dialog iq
Enable personalized self-service options for customers & employees
Dialog IQ offers a robust framework and prebuilt templates to help organizations seamlessly design, build, test, deploy, and measure conversational AI interfaces. Deploy virtual agents that redefine engagement, captivating customers like never before.
Enable accelerators to improve agent efficiency and experience
Agent IQ streamlines support operations with an intelligent search interface powered by large language models. This tool enables agents to efficiently access knowledge and historical call transcripts while prioritizing data privacy with a high degree of transparency.

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How We Build Smarter Customer Experiences

With Contact Center IQ, you can leverage the power of AI to reinvent you call center, offering capabilities that drive optimization through the following:
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Data-Driven Insights

Obtain actionable and unbiased insights from customer and agent interactions to enhance decision-making processes.
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Identify Improvement Opportunities

Detect areas for process improvement or automation from customer and agent interactions, leading to an enhanced experience for both customers and agents.
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Boost Agent Productivity

Enhance agent productivity by providing AI tools that expedite handle time and streamline post-call documentation.
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Human-Like Conversational AI

Develop high-quality conversational AI interfaces that can resolve customer issues autonomously, reducing the need for human intervention.
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Accelerate Development and Measurement:

Utilize prebuilt accelerators to jump-start development, testing, and monitoring efforts for conversational AI initiatives, ensuring faster time-to-market.
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Enhance Customer Experience

Significantly improve customer experience by reducing wait and talk times, and employing intelligent call-matching algorithms based on skills, customer sentiment, or profile.

Unlock Hidden Insights With Insights IQ

Insights IQ is a generative AI solution designed to analyze data from customer and agent interactions, unlocking actionable insights to enhance decision-making processes in contact centers. Features of Insights IQ include:


  • Utilize prompt engineering to extract key metrics, trends, processes, and KPIs from customer and agent interactions


  • Store generated insights in a reporting database and visualize them via a dashboard


  • Remove private information before sending requests to public LLMs


  • Enable a conversational interface to ask further probing questions against the data corpus

Design Engaging Interactions With Dialog IQ

Conversational interfaces are becoming the dominant channel for user interactions, surpassing traditional web and mobile platforms. Dialog IQ provides a robust framework and prebuilt templates to help organizations design, build, test, deploy, and measure conversational AI interfaces seamlessly. Features of Dialog IQ include:


  • End-to-end proven methodology for building effective conversational AI experiences

Design & Build Accelerators:

  • Leverage top-rated human interactions (extracted by Insight IQ) to model conversational AI interactions
  • Derive data for intent design, implementation, and testing from historical transcriptions

Testing Approach & Accelerators:  

  • Generate test strategies and scenarios tailored for assessing the quality and effectiveness of conversational AI interfaces
  • Test your conversational AI interfaces and interaction channels (voice, text) using LLM agents

Optimization Dashboard: 

  • Identify and resolve issues quickly using a built-in Conversational AI Analytics & Monitoring dashboard to enhance overall effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Enhance Agent Performance With Agent IQ

Agent IQ improves the agent experience and increases first call resolution rates by equipping contact center agents with an intelligent search interface powered by large language models (LLMs). Features of Agent IQ include:

Intelligent Search:

  • Enhanced Graph based LLM Search across multiple knowledge base with transparency, observability, data access control and privacy control in place

Live Coaching: 

  • Analyze customer inquiries in real time and suggest relevant responses and Next Best Action
  • Identify customer sentiment and provide coaching how to address

Post Call Documentation:

  • Use generative AI-powered summaries and categorization
  • Streamlining repetitive tasks, such as filling out forms or updating records

AI For Every Role

Need actionable insights that will help them improve their contact center performance.
Need flexible ways to get their issues resolved, quickly and painlessly.
Need the right training and resources to help them resolve customer issues, faster.

AI Insights, Trends & Resources

We’ve partnered with IBM to deliver Contact Center IQ on IBM Watsonx – an AI and data platform designed to help you scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data across your business. 

Meet Our AI Leader, Hanna Aljaliss

Hanna Aljaliss is Vice President of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Converge. A visionary engineer, entrepreneur, and industry thought leader, Hanna has amassed a career spanning more than two decades in the field of AI innovation and enterprise business process transformation. Hanna’s deep passion for innovation and engineering has made him a sought-after leader in implementing large-scale digital transformation initiatives, specifically for Fortune 1000 companies. He holds deep expertise in guiding organizations towards streamlining their business initiatives – leveraging AI, cloud computing, and process automation to drive innovation and operational efficiency on an enterprise scale. 

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