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Migrate To Modernize

Now more than ever, application modernization is at the heart of an organization’s digital transformation initiatives, and the speed at which they can transform is directly related to their cloud adoption. Converge Technology Solutions’ migrate to modernize philosophy enables our clients to leverage AWS’s platform and services to realize their digital transformation goals.

Organizations can drive innovation in the cloud by leveraging prebuilt services like Amazon Personalize to improve customer engagement or Amazon Forecast for better modeling of inventory and customer product demand. Overall, we are seeing clients migrate to modernize work from home capabilities with services like Amazon WorkSpaces to reduce data center footprint for operational agility and use total cost of ownership (TCO) savings to fund modernization efforts.

Converge’s AWS cloud migration consulting and services delivery team leverages AWS programs and best practices to de-risk and accelerate the adoption of an AWS cloud-first strategy, which allows organizations to achieve their innovation and digital transformation goals.

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Converge AWS Clients Migration Use Case By Industry

Life Science HPC Migration

Aerospace HPC Migration

Financial Services Modernization

Agriculture Hybrid Cloud

Common AWS Migration Activities

  • Conduct Migration Readiness Assessment with all key stakeholders
  • Leverage AWS and Converge funding programs for application modernization proof of value (POV) and pilots
  • Review of workloads to determine appropriate migration type
  • Conduct AWS Immersion Days for overview of commonly used Amazon services:
    – Amazon Landing Zone and AWS Control Tower
    – Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for distributed applications leverage auto-scale for part of application
    – Simple Storage Services (S3) for application object storage and backup targets
    – RDS for DBaaS and replacing existing RDBMS
  • Implement AWS security and governance best practices and ensure understanding of AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  • Align migration strategy to workloads and utilize services like Migration Hub, CloudEndure, and Database Migration Service
  • Utilize Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and AWS CloudTrail for logging
  • Create formal training plan and cost optimization plan
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aws partner network

Why Converge?

Our Cloud Practice specializes in AWS cloud native and hybrid migrations. Our capabilities include both professional and managed services and a full suite of assessments designed to support our clients at any stage during their cloud journey.

Our Team of 50+ dedicated experts provide end-to-end support for our clients’ cloud initiatives. Our team is comprised of highly certified AWS cloud specialists that range from consultants to architects to engineers. We have a strong focus on the operational aspects of cloud initiatives, which allows our team of experts to help clients with DevOps, CloudOps, FinOps, Automation, and overall tools rationalization for their cloud adoption.

Our Success drives measurable business outcomes through our strategic, transformative thought leadership coupled with our innovative, multi-vendor, technology solutions.

AWS Well-Architected Review By Converge Technology Solutions

Are you looking to optimize your AWS infrastructure? Want to ensure it’s secure, high-performing, and cost-effective? Then you need an AWS Well-Architected Review performed by Converge Technology Solutions!

Our team of AWS certified architects will assess your architecture across the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. We’ll provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to help you achieve your business goals.

Don’t leave your AWS infrastructure to chance. Trust Converge Technology Solutions for a comprehensive AWS Well-Architected Review.

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Converge Cloud Advisor Services

Powered By CloudHealth

AWS Cost Optimization

Converge’s Cloud Advisor program provides our clients with a highly certified AWS resource who turns information from Cost Explorer, or CloudHealth, into Actionable Insight. We ensure all stakeholders have meaningful insight into their AWS consumption.

Custom Dashboards, Reports, and Perspectives

  • Monthly Cost Optimization Review Sessions
  • Architect to Save
  • Identify Cost Savings with 3rd-Party Managed Services
  • Top AWS Services Review for Anomalies
  • Establish Tagging Best Practices
  • Establish Budgets
  • Rightsizing Instances Reviews
  • Create Perspectives
  • Establishing Governance Policies
  • Tagging and Governance Customer Case Study


AWS Managed Billing

Management of Billing, No Cost to the Customer, and Assignment of Cloud Advisor

With tens of millions in annual recurring revenue of direct AWS spend under contract, Converge has the experience, expertise, and flexibility to help our clients process cloud consumption billing that aligns to their current procurement process. We provide:

  • Review of Spend and Forecast
  • Cloud Center of Excellence Reporting for all Stakeholders
  • Savings Plans and EDP Negotiations Recommendations
  • Save Recommendations for Top 3 Services by Spend
  • Support of Customized AWS Invoicing
  • Managed AWS Marketplace Purchases to Align with Current Procurement Processes


      AWS Cost Management Webinar

      Watch the replay of our our Cloud Advisor team demonstrating how to drive the maximum amount of savings with the minimum amount of effort and commitments for your AWS bill. 

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