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Migrate to Modernize

Now more than ever, application modernization is at the heart of an organization’s digital transformation initiatives, and the speed at which they can transform is directly related to their cloud adoption. Converge Technology Solutions’ migrate to modernize philosophy enables our clients to leverage AWS’s platform and services to realize their digital transformation goals.

Organizations can drive innovation in the cloud by leveraging prebuilt services like Amazon Personalize to improve customer engagement or Amazon Forecast for better modeling of inventory and customer product demand. Overall, we are seeing clients migrate to modernize work from home capabilities with services like Amazon WorkSpaces, or leverage VMware Cloud on AWS to reduce data center footprint for operational agility and use total cost of ownership (TCO) savings to fund modernization efforts.

Converge’s AWS cloud migration consulting and services delivery team leverages AWS programs and best practices to de-risk and accelerate the adoption of an AWS cloud-first strategy, which allows organizations to achieve their innovation and digital transformation goals.

AWS Migration Case Study


Common AWS Migration Activities
  • Conduct Migration Readiness Assessment with all key stakeholders
  • Leverage AWS and Converge funding programs for application modernization proof of value (POV) and pilots
  • Review of workloads to determine appropriate migration type
  • Conduct AWS Immersion Days for overview of commonly used Amazon services:
    – Amazon Landing Zone and AWS Control Tower
    – Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for distributed applications leverage auto-scale for part of application
    – Simple Storage Services (S3) for application object storage and backup targets
    – RDS for DBaaS and replacing existing RDBMS
  • Implement AWS security and governance best practices and ensure understanding of AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  • Align migration strategy to workloads and utilize services like Migration Hub, CloudEndure, and Database Migration Service
  • Utilize Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and AWS CloudTrail for logging
  • Create formal training plan and cost optimization plan
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Why Converge?

Our Cloud Practice specializes in AWS cloud native and hybrid migrations. Our capabilities include both professional and managed services and a full suite of assessments designed to support our clients at any stage during their cloud journey.

Our Team of 50+ dedicated experts provide end-to-end support for our clients’ cloud initiatives. Our team is comprised of highly certified AWS cloud specialists that range from consultants to architects to engineers. We have a strong focus on the operational aspects of cloud initiatives, which allows our team of experts to help clients with DevOps, CloudOps, FinOps, Automation, and overall tools rationalization for their cloud adoption.

Our Success drives measurable business outcomes through our strategic, transformative thought leadership coupled with our innovative, multi-vendor, technology solutions.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Converge Technology Solutions accelerates organizations’ cloud migrations by leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS, a jointly engineered hybrid cloud by VMware and AWS. Our unique services for building hybrid clouds, along with our rich heritage in data center solutions and AWS cloud native skills, allow Converge to enable a “migrate-to-modernize” strategy for our clients.

With Converge’s strong capabilities in application modernization and experience helping customers achieve cloud-first directives, our clients can invest the TCO saving gained by leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS to fund their modernization initiatives that power strategic company initiatives.

Converge Cloud Advisor Services

powered by CloudHealth

AWS Cost Optimization

Converge’s Cloud Advisor program provides our clients with a highly certified AWS resource who turns information from Cost Explorer, or CloudHealth, into Actionable Insight. We ensure all stakeholders have meaningful insight into their AWS consumption.

Custom Dashboards, Reports, and Perspectives

  • Monthly Cost Optimization Review Sessions
  • Architect to Save
  • Identify Cost Savings with 3rd-Party Managed Services
  • Top AWS Services Review for Anomalies
  • Establish Tagging Best Practices
  • Establish Budgets
  • Rightsizing Instances Reviews
  • Create Perspectives
  • Establishing Governance Policies
  • Tagging and Governance Customer Case Study


AWS Managed Billing

Management of Billing, No Cost to the Customer, and Assignment of Cloud Advisor

With tens of millions in annual recurring revenue of direct AWS spend under contract, Converge has the experience, expertise, and flexibility to help our clients process cloud consumption billing that aligns to their current procurement process. We provide:

  • Review of Spend and Forecast
  • Cloud Center of Excellence Reporting for all Stakeholders
  • Savings Plans and EDP Negotiations Recommendations
  • Save Recommendations for Top 3 Services by Spend
  • Support of Customized AWS Invoicing
  • Managed AWS Marketplace Purchases to Align with Current Procurement Processes


      Case Studies

      Financial Market SRO Migrates Surveillance Workspace System

      About Company:

      A financial market Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) is dedicated to protecting investors and safeguarding market integrity that facilitates vibrant capital markets. The Company provides regulatory services by contract to NYSE, NYSE MKT, NYSE Arca, NASDAQ, NASDAQ Options Market, NASDAQ OMX PHLX, NASDAQ OMX BX, ISE, the Boston Options Exchange (BOX), the EDGA and EDGX Exchanges and Direct Edge®. As such, the Company has surveillance oversight of more than 90% of the listed equities market. They also provide regulatory services to the Chicago Board Options Exchange® (CBOE®) and C2 Options Exchange (C2).

      Executive Overview:

      Applying a variety of data-gathering techniques, a financial self-regulatory organization (Company) works to uncover insider trading and any strategies used to gain an unfair advantage. The Company invests in innovative technology to build sophisticated surveillance systems, process extraordinary amounts of data, and work with cutting-edge applications, programs, and hardware.

      The Company’s surveillance workspace system is a key brokerage firm regulatory system providing active surveillance for financial operations and sales practice activities. The legacy system was a highly complex, decade-old proprietary system written in J2EE on IBM WebSphere Application Server and Oracle RDBMS. This system lacked the ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing business models of financial firms or the dramatic increase in corresponding data volume.

      Converge Solution:

      To handle the complexity of their legacy system, Converge worked with the Company to migrate their surveillance workspace system using a two-phase approach.

      Phase 1: Modernize the J2EE application and migrate to AWS, and allow the data layer, including Oracle RDBMS to remain on premise.

      Phase 2: Further refactor the app with new data drivers and replace the Oracle DB and other data services with AWS-native data services to remove all dependency on on-premise infrastructures.

      Results & Benefits:

      The Company was able to entirely remove IBM WebSphere and Oracle from the architecture of the application. It now operates as an auto-scalable, AWS-native system with significant advances in price-performance and business agility. Since 2007, Converge has been and continues to be a trusted technology partner to the Company, providing thought leadership in both technology and regulatory domain expertise. The successful migration of the surveillance workspace system aligns well with the Company’s All-In-AWS Strategy.

      Financial Market SRO Migrates Surveillance Workspace System

      PRO Migrates to Cloud & Builds Cloud-Native Applications

      About Company:

      Every second of the day, tens of thousands of songs begin to play in every corner of the world, creating trillions of performance transactions each year. Most songs have multiple rights owners of composers, writers, lyricists, and publishers, each with their specific complex ownership percentages, payment instructions, and tax distribution details.

      A Performance Rights Organization (PRO) owned and run by its members is the world leader in performance royalties.  The Company licenses songs & scores to the businesses that play them publicly. They distribute the money as royalties and use cutting-edge technology to process over one trillion performances every year, more than any PRO in the world.

      Executive Overview:

      The rise in digital consumption places tremendous strain on the Company’s data center with finite processing capacity. The ever-increasing complexity of performance rights licensing, rapid digital transformation, diversification of distribution channels, proliferation of intermediaries, and disruptions from new competitors propelled the Company to embark on their cloud journey to achieve necessary agility, scalability, and economy.

      The Company needed a capable trusted partner to help them navigate the increased complexity of performance rights licensing, rapid digital transformation, diversification of distribution channels, proliferation of intermediaries, and disruption of new competitors. To be truly successful in their mission, the Company must also succeed in advancing their agile development processes, modern cloud architecture, development techniques, continuous integration continuous delivery tooling, robust security-first mindset, automated testing, strong cloud economics, and a sophisticated DevOps culture.

      Converge Solution:

      In March 2017, Converge worked with the Company to build a “Cloud-Native Matching Engine” proof of technology (PoT). This produced an impressive Python application, showcasing the enormous potential of AWS.

      In September 2017, Converge kicked off the successful development of the Company’s first cloud-native International Distribution Application (IDA) to process hundreds of millions of payment records for $300M+ of revenue from around the world.

      With these and other successes, Converge completed an Enterprise Cloud Advisory and Migration Strategy Project with recommendations approved by the Company’s Board to adopt the All-In-Cloud strategy. This began a three-year effort to completely leave their data centers.

      In 2019 and 2020, we helped revitalize the agile application development processes at the Company and led many AWS-native application development projects, including: Online Member Enrollment; Cloud-Based Payment Gateway; Cue Sheet Processing System; Enterprise Authentication, Authorization, & Auditing with AWS Cognito; Enterprise ElasticSearch Services; Member Access Portal Modernization WebSphere WAS to AWS; Enterprise DevOps Center of Excellence & Platform Engineering; and QA Automated Testing.

      The Company will have completed its All-In-Cloud journey on schedule in 2021.

      Results & Benefits:

      The Company found the right partner in Converge as they embarked on their digital transformation. Their goal was not only to migrate to the cloud, but also to build modern AWS-native applications. They are succeeding in advancing their agile development processes, modern development techniques, continuous integration/deployment tooling, advance security, automated testing, strong cloud economics, and sophisticated DevOps culture. As a consulting service provider, Converge has become a trusted advisor for the Company.

      PRO Migrates to Cloud & Builds Cloud-Native Applications

      Market Data Firm Leverages Cloud to Drive Growth & Profitability

      About Company:

      A global information services firm is a leading provider of financial market data and information analysis tools for the wealth management industry. Their proprietary data environment allows users access to high-quality data with controllable and lower predictable costs of ownership. This real-time, interactive data workstation is equipped with robust tools that enable wealth managers to easily analyze market data to derive and capitalize on market insights. Additionally, the Company’s direct and normalized data offering can be seamlessly integrated into a firm’s existing technology applications, including other third-party software. This gives firms cost-effective, flexible access to market data from all asset classes around the globe.

      Executive Overview:

      A global financial information services firm (Company) sought to decrease the operational cost of their IT environment and accelerate the modernization of their proprietary applications. Following a Proof of Concept, Converge provided a prescriptive educational model and migration plan, establishing a comfortable timeline for migration and use of AWS.

      The Company’s IT environment was very traditional, with its application deployed as virtual machines on VMware hypervisor and standalone servers on Intel hardware. The market data they provide would travel to Equinix data centers where the Company’s servers captured the data. From there, it was bundled into blocks, then published out to multicast subscribers’ servers for display via multicast. Customers accessed the application over a traditional TCP connection. A network load balancer (F5) performed basic connection load balancing and set a session sticky cookie until disconnected. Users accessed the front-end servers, then proxy connected to the subscribers of multicast data to receive data requested by the client. Long term data was stored in an Oracle database in Oracle Cloud.

      The Company determined their current IT infrastructure strategy was too costly to support their growth and acquisition initiatives. Additionally, they sought to accelerate the modernization of their proprietary applications and look for innovation opportunities, which were limited by their current colocation partners and managed service providers. The Company needed to find a solution that allowed them to both reduce the operational cost related to their six data centers and be flexible enough to support acquisitions of new companies and divestitures. They had considered public cloud as a solution, however their requirement for low latency and support of multicast network streams made their options very limited.

      Converge Solution:

      As an existing client, the Company had already leveraged Converge’s cloud consulting and migration services for their .net applications. When it came time discuss how cloud could address their strategic goals around company growth, improved EBDITA, and innovation driven by modernization, Converge recommended AWS as the cloud provider of choice.

      Key to successfully migrating the Company’s current workload was support of multicast network streams and an educational & operational model that established a comfortable timeline for migration and use of AWS.

      The Converge AWS specialist team quickly established why AWS was the best solution by conducting a proof of concept of AWS Transient Gateway Services. This addressed the multicast network streams requirement and engaged the AWS Financials Services team, who were able to demonstrate why selecting AWS as their public cloud provider would help the customer meet their innovation goals.

      Converge created a migration plan that incorporated an initial assessment and discovery session, which produced a comprehensive ROI output to ensure the financial benefits would be realized. Next, a prescriptive learning program was created. This program involved items such as AWS Immersion Day to baseline the team’s knowledge on the primary AWS services that would be used, as well as Converge’s Cloud Advisory program so cost optimization and governance best practices were implemented early.

      The overall migration plan included Landing Zone creation and use of AWS services such as S3 & EBS for storage, AWS GuardDuty for threat detection, and AWS CloudWatch & CloudTrail for monitoring and logging.

      Results & Benefits:

      The AWS migration plan provided the Company eliminated capital expenditures associated with hardware refreshes, as well as improved security, compliance, and operational resilience (AWS Shared Security Model, consistent monitoring & logging). The modernization platform leverages AWS innovation in financial services and offers potential partnership with market data providers in AWS. Finally, the Company now has a flexible IT platform that supports organic growth & acquisition, and eliminates stranded IT costs associated to divestitures.

      Market Data Firm Leverages Cloud to Drive Growth & Profitability

      Bank Moves On-Prem to Cloud and Builds AWS-Native Search Engine

      About Company:

      A global bank is the largest source of multilateral development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean, supporting economic development, social development, and regional integration by lending to governments and government agencies, including State corporations. The Bank is owned by 48 sovereign states, which are its shareholders and members. It provides loans, grants, guarantees, policy advice, and technical assistance to the public and private sectors of its 26 borrowing member countries.

      Executive Overview:

      The Bank has gathered structured and unstructured documentation regarding its various initiatives and projects over many years. Valuable insights and observations have been captured within this vast body of documentation around the context of “Lessons Learned”. They needed a solution that would quickly search tens of thousands of documents and surface the “Lessons Learned” to help ensure future success. Critically, a multi-lingual solution was required, as the Bank operates in four languages (English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish).

      Converge was engaged to migrate the Bank’s legacy application and build an internal search engine specific to their needs. An outdated legacy system written in J2EE on IBM WebSphere Application Server was found to be unwieldy and lack the agility to scale to the processing and data analytic demands of new projects and ventures.

      The Bank had previously successfully partnered with Converge on a cloud migration project for an AI-driven advanced search application rewritten for cloud deployment, to help locate Subject Matter Expert staff members with tacit knowledge within the Bank. Deep Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and additional artificial intelligence techniques drive the underlying document parsing, indexing, and ranking. These AI technologies create an autonomous pipeline for intuitive, accurate, context-aware searches. Converge was selected to repurpose these AWS-based AI capabilities and user experience toward the migration and modernization effort of the development of “Lessons Learned”.

      Converge Solution:

      The application was migrated from the Bank’s existing on-premise IBM WebSphere Application Server to AWS. Converge developed a system which provides a cross-language search experience that identifies key insights and knowledge (“Lessons Learned”) from prior financing projects. The team leveraged several neural network models to provide query expansion and semantic search across the four different languages. Customized word2vec word embeddings and transformer models are the AI/ML engine of this solution.

      The four-language “Lessons Learned” search engine provides contextual, intelligent, and accurate searches using and training AI & machine learning models. It includes an administrative dashboard with “likes”, general activity metrics, and case definition for integration with other services.

      The system delivers advanced AI/ML features for Boolean Searches, prioritized search algorithms, search by objectives, similar lessons, and semantic queries, by leveraging many AWS services, including core AWS services of API Gateway, Elasticsearch, and SageMaker.

      Results & Benefits:

      The Converge team delivered a revolutionary user experience in search technology for the Bank.  With one click, users can identify similar and related lessons across four languages, with a search powered by cutting-edge deep learning models.

      The fully functional API also serves content across numerous services at the Bank. This AWS-native application uses infrastructure-as-code for DevOps, is fully integrated with bank ETL pipelines, and is automatically updated using state-of-the-art DataOps and ModelOps processes.

      The Bank has high hopes this custom trainable Lessons Learned quad-lingual search engine can be expanded to serve multiple AI/ML models of a host of applications across the Bank.

      Bank Moves On-Prem to Cloud and Builds AWS-Native Search Engine

      Sunkist Growers Migrates to Public Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

      About Sunkist Growers

      Sunkist Growers, Incorporated is an American citrus growers’ non-stock membership cooperative composed of 6,000 members from California and Arizona. It is currently headquartered in Santa Clarita, California.

      Sunkist Growers (Sunkist) is the largest fresh produce shipper in the United States, the most diversified citrus processing and marketing operation in the world, and one of California’s largest landowners. They market fresh oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, and strawberries to 12 states and three Canadian provinces from 6,000 growers in California and Arizona.

      Through licensing agreements, Sunkist has rented its trademark to other firms for marketing more than 600 mainly citrus-flavored products including soft drinks & juice drinks, vitamins, and jellies & candies, in more than 50 countries.


      Executive Summary

      Sunkist Growers had an impending hardware refresh of aging equipment in a colocation facility as well as the need to re-platform a business-critical application. Given the significant investment in new hardware, Sunkist decided to look at the economics of migrating to public cloud.

      Based on their strong, trusted relationship with Converge for services including colocation, connectivity, and disaster recovery, Sunkist engaged Converge to help determine the potential TCO benefits they could realize by migrating to public cloud.

      Because Sunkist had very aggressive timelines for implementation and wanted to ensure minimum disruption in operational support for the re-platform of the business-critical application, they decided to look at VMware Cloud on AWS.


      Converge Solution

      Working closely with the VMware and AWS technical teams, Converge executed a 14-day proof of concept, along with a complete TCO analysis detailing the acceleration of Sunkist’s cloud migration by implementing VMware Cloud on AWS. They would realize operational consistency with on-prem SDDC, seamless large-scale workload portability, and direct access to AWS-native services.

      To enable Sunkist to move from proof of concept to production quickly and successfully, Converge provided a hybrid cloud readiness assessment, hybrid cloud integration services, and a review of their VMware Cloud on AWS managed services.

      After Sunkist determined a VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud solution would meet their business goals and drive TCO savings, the Converge delivery team leveraged VMware HCX to accelerate their migration to the cloud. Converge provided AWS operational support and implemented AWS Direct Connect, as well as S3 native services, as part of the solution.

      Sunkist was able to leverage existing third-party offerings including Citrix, via AWS Marketplace, and Veeam in their new hybrid cloud solution. Additionally, Converge was selected as the VMware Cloud on AWS managed service provider for their service desk.


      Results & Benefits

      The decision to implement VMware Cloud on AWS allowed Sunkist to migrate their business-critical applications to the cloud more efficiently than standing up new hardware in their colocation. This solution will provide a three-year TCO savings of 25%.

      Sunkist Growers Migrates to Public Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

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