IBM Power for Google Cloud

Easily lift and shift IBM Power workloads to Google Cloud. 

Untether Traditional Power Workloads

Introducing Converge IBM Power for Google Cloud (IP4G) – a state-of-the-art Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution tailored to meet the specific needs of IBM Power Systems. Embrace the power of modern IBM Power Infrastructure seamlessly integrated with a contemporary control plane.

With IP4G’s comprehensive support for AIX, IBM I, and Linux for Power, you can confidently transition your IBM Power-based workloads to a modern and efficient cloud platform. Experience the seamless synergy of Converge IP4G with Google Cloud, enabling tight integration between Power and non-Power workloads.

Step out of the data center and into the future of cloud computing with IP4G. Unlock the true potential of your IBM Power Systems today!

Migrate, Modernize, And Innovate With IP4G

  • Bring your Power-based workloads to Google Cloud without major modifications

  • Guaranteed CPU without oversubscription – No emulation, no 3rd party hypervisors

  • Leverage the flexibility, security, and reliability offered by cutting-edge cloud infrastructure

  • Adopt IP4G risk-free with Converge’s expert migration and managed services.

Use Cases

Production Workloads

Ensure performance, continuity, and scalability for demanding IBM Power production workloads while avoiding the costs of acquiring, managing, and maintaining IT infrastructure. 

Disaster Recovery

Backup or replicate production workloads to IP4G. Reduce the complexity and expense of building a traditional DR environment. 

Development & Testing

Accelerate development and release cycles by quickly deploying custom development and testing environments without investing in dedicated resources. 

IP4G Is Google Cloud Native 

IP4G is a Google Cloud Native service available exclusively on the Google Cloud Marketplace. It’s never been easier to get started! Simply subscribe and access the service right from the Marketplace.

  • Empower your team with seamless access using Google Credentials, and gain control over your VMs with intuitive GUI, CLI, and API options—all at your fingertips through your Google Cloud account.
  • Connectivity is a breeze with a simple gcloud command, enabling tight network integration and lightning-fast interaction with other Google Cloud services. Customize your traffic routing through Google Cloud Firewall or Load Balancer, ensuring your workloads are secure and efficient.
  • Experience the power of easy logging and monitoring by sending your data directly to Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring. Plus, leverage Google Cloud storage for image catalog imports, exports, and archive data—effortlessly integrate with other native services like Big Query.
  • With a native IBM Power hypervisor, you’ll enjoy a user-friendly VM management experience, designed to make your life simpler and more productive. Flexibility is the name of the game, choose between pay-as-you-go or committed term billing, all conveniently processed through your Google Billing ID.
  • And the best part? Our top-notch customer support is fully integrated with Google Cloud Support, providing you with a single point of contact for any questions or assistance you may need, 24×7.

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