Sean Colicchio

Global Chief Information Security Officer

Sean Colicchio is the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Converge. In this role, he is responsible for Converge’s physical and digital security and the identification and mitigation of risks within the organization. As a professionally trained expert in offensive security and risk analysis with years of experience in information and network security, Sean has a strong familiarity with ISO, NIST, FFIEC, NCUA, and HIPAA/HITECH standards as well as PCI, GDPR and other industry and regulatory compliance requirements. He also possesses a solid understanding of application security best practices for product development. Prior to his role as Global CISO, Sean previously led Converge’s Cybersecurity practice, where he was able to couple his experience with other threat intelligence and risk management professionals to provide secure risk management guidance to organizations regardless of size or sector.