Shaun Bertrand

Vice President of Cybersecurity

Shaun Bertrand is Vice President of Cybersecurity for Converge, where he applies his 20+ years of experience in the information security field to lead our expert security solution and service teams. His background and proficiency spans across all cybersecurity disciplines, and his focus on client outcomes power Converge’s commitment to delivering skilled, effective, and innovative protection for data, users, and brands. Shaun is an energetic information security executive known for delivering exceptional customer service and proactively mitigating cyber threats. He has years of experience building engaged teams with a strong record of delivering high-value security services. He creates vision for security programs aligned with strategic business objectives to position organizations for long-term success.

Shaun has experience teaching security classes at various universities, including the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. He also maintains a seat on various graduate advisory boards and councils. Shaun is a frequent speaker at security conferences and local hacking groups. He is a member of the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corp (MiC3), Founder and President of the Grand Traverse ISSA chapter, and has also been recognized as a Ponemon distinguished fellow.