Established in 1991, Acquired in 2022  
Headquarters: Ferndale, Michigan

About CBI

For over three decades, customers have relied on CBI to meet their unique cybersecurity needs with services and solutions delivered by the best professionals in the industry. Obsessively customer-first, CBI relentlessly focuses on delivering top-level cybersecurity performance in even the most complex and challenging environments.

CBI is on the front lines of cybersecurity alongside our customers in mitigating risk, improving outcomes, and fortifying security posture.

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“A Converge Company”

Cybersecurity continues to shift and change. So does CBI. In 2022, CBI was added to Converge’s existing cybersecurity portfolio, expanding core skills and technologies to safeguard and transform on-prem and cloud environments.

CBI’s deep advisory experience and in-depth technical knowledge continue to earn a top-advisor spot with Converge customers. New key partnerships and integrated security offerings across our practices are now possible, elevating capabilities across cloud, analytics, and digital infrastructure.

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