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Converge is made up of a family of service-oriented companies bringing world-class
solutions to businesses across the North America & Europe.

 Accudata Systems is an IT consulting and integration firm with over 38 years of experience providing high-impact IT infrastructure services and integrated solutions. As a trusted advisor, we help our clients incorporate innovative networking technologies into their IT environments while preserving performance, availability, and security. With an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction since our founding in 1982, Accudata has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted IT integrators in the country.

CarpeDatum builds best in class solutions around analytics for customers across every industry. It has over 20 years of successful deployment experience around planning and forecasting, enterprise reporting, and predictive analytics. The addition of CarpeDatum to the Converge analytics practice will give the Company an array of new capabilities regarding AI, analytics, and performance management to allow it to continue to scale and expand its current offerings throughout North America.

Dasher Technologies is a leading national IT solution provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley, that assesses, architects, implements, and manages innovative solutions that digitally transform businesses. Dasher maintains strategic relationships with world-class manufacturers and has industry-recognized expertise in technologies such as cybersecurity, enterprise networking, data center, and hybrid cloud services. Dasher professional services enable clients to navigate the journey from one generation of technology to the next, setting the standard for personal service through its trusted work of expert engineers and account managers. Founded in 1998, Dasher is an award-winning, business with offices in Northern and Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast.

KeyInfo is a leading regional systems integrator, furnishing clients with world-class compute, storage, and networking solutions, as well as professional services designed for even the most advanced software-defined data centers. These offerings are complimented by a full suite of data center capabilities, including private and hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity services, and collocation facilities. KeyInfo is dedicated to providing best-of-breed solutions and excellent customer service.

Northern Micro is a premier provider of Information Technology hardware and has played a key role in facilitating Canada’s digital transformation. Focused partnerships with the biggest names in the industry, coupled with the expertise of hundreds of leading IT architects, engineers, and experts, Northern Micro offers the best in cognitive, cloud, cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, data center infrastructure and digital transformation solutions.



For over three decades, Unique Digital has provided its customers with customized solutions and services to simplify, transform, and maintain their IT infrastructure. By partnering with industry-leading technology companies, Unique Digital enables its customers to manage complex IT demands with superior solutions. Their highly trained technical staff addresses the entire IT infrastructure to deliver turn-key solutions that solve current and future IT needs.


VSS has been helping clients transform their businesses using people, processes, and technology for nearly twenty years. Thriving at the intersection where technology transforms business operations, VSS manages complex implementation projects to improve process management. From premise equipment to cloud computing, VSS’ technology solutions solve multifaceted problems giving clients the ability to scale cost control, efficiency, and operations to create a collaborative, supportive environment.


Becker-Carroll is a group of information and technical professionals committed to helping clients deliver trusted, high-value digital services based in Canada’s national capital region. Their mission is to empower private and public sector organizations through technology by transforming environments, operations, and services. Becker-Carroll supports a common-sense approach to successfully transforming complex analog and online services into fulfilling digital service experiences.


Working out of the office Headquarters, Converge Technology Solutions Toronto is a team of seasoned IT professionals who have a unique understanding of clients’ needs within the Toronto market. Their focus is to understand the business challenges and technical obstacles of their customers and to turn that understanding into a solution. Serving the Greater Toronto Area, this team works closely with the portfolio of companies across North America, allowing for the utilization of a multitude of resources across each of the Converge practice areas: Advanced Analytics, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Infrastructure, Managed Services, and Talent Solutions. The Toronto team formed organically within Converge’s organization to facilitate world-class IT services on a regional level to support their clients’ initiatives to adopt the best technical services to stay relevant and competitive within the Canadian market.


Datatrend Technologies delivers IT solutions to help organizations leverage technology and drive business outcomes by leveraging partnerships with global manufacturers and internal engineering talent. They provide consulting, planning, design, implementation, integration, project management, and staffing for next-generation data centers, multi-cloud environments, and wireless solutions. They offer a relentless focus on business outcomes, taking intelligent business risks to ensure customer success.

With a focus on making modern IT available to enterprises of every size, Lighthouse has a track record of delivering comprehensive solutions in the areas of analytics, hybrid cloud, infrastructure, and security. Lighthouse helps its clients solve IT challenges by providing on-site support, fostering long-term relationships, and gaining in-depth knowledge of their client’s environments with a commitment to solving complicated IT challenges to deliver exceptional business results.


PCD Solutions is a leader in its field, providing consulting services and infrastructure solutions in the IT sector. For nearly 20 years, PCD Solutions’ team has been helping clients consolidate, modernize, and protect their data centers. PCD works with the largest member companies of Quebec AFFAIRES 500. Its consulting team is recognized for its expertise and involvement in system architecture, networks, storage, virtualization, and protection mechanisms related to critical applications.


Vivvo™ is a technology innovation company that delivers a feature-rich, production-ready, proven platform that enables and accelerates digital transformation. Through our flagship solution, the Vivvo Trust Platform™, we provide the foundation for our customers to easily move client facing services online using a single identity in a privacy-first, consent-based model.

Workgroup Connections helps customers increase productivity by helping them maximize resources and technology through Hybrid-Cloud solutions,  Agile Software Development and software licensing services. Combining in-depth business experience and high-level technical expertise, we help organizations make sense of their information and transcend their business objectives. Headquartered in St. Louis for 25 years, Workgroup Connections provides software design, agile development, implementation and training services focused on business process automation, cloud strategies, collaboration, eDiscovery and business intelligence. We are a long-standing IBM Gold Partner and an Amazon Web Services Partner. Over the years, we’ve successfully served the needs of hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, IT, financial services, utilities and healthcare.

BlueChipTek is a technology solutions provider that architects and implements IT solutions, services, and processes custom-fit for businesses. BlueChipTek solves some of the most complex data center, high-performance networking, and high-volume storage challenges. Their technical sales and support engineers bring expertise in current and emerging technologies, giving BlueChipTek a unique understanding of the technology landscape and complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value.

Corus360 is an innovative solutions company that empowers organizations to build, transition, and ultimately transform their environments to reach desired outcomes through selecting the right people, and implementing ideal technologies. Corus360 has built a company that can solve problems in IT regardless of where the root is, be it a need for advanced technology, skilled individuals, or the ability to recover from a disaster. Corus360 was the first company to join the Converge family.


Essextec is an award-winning technology innovation firm that provides solutions to the sophisticated technology and business challenges faced by both corporate and government organizations today. Essextech is a collective of intellectually curious people, business consultants, and industry thought leaders where agility and innovation drive the success of the people, organization, and clients. They offer advance custom application development, cognitive services, Cloud, and Cybersecurity technologies.



Through their longstanding manufacturer relations, Nordisk Systems provides our customers with the most competitive prices and services on the market. As part of the Converge family of companies, Nordisk Systems has continued their dedication to building relationships with emerging technology manufacturers, allowing their devoted client team to expand their immense knowledge and remain on the cutting edge of the industry.


SIS is a technology solutions and services company, collaborating with customers on innovative data center strategy, technology, and application solutions in the cloud or on-prem. SIS is a nationally recognized, leading technology and managed IT solutions provider know to combine predictability with quality to support mission-critical assets. Regionally focused teams across the US design solutions involving management, BDM’s, and IT staff to deliver solutions that reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Vicom, an established, scaled solutions provider based in the US Northeast, has a rich history and focus on working with clients to align best-of-breed technologies with their desired business outcomes. With this acquisition, Converge gains an industry-leading team of architects and engineers who will accelerate the growth of the Company’s practice areas, driving more value for its clients across North America.

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