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Staffing Services for any Project

Finding the right talent can be a tedious process. At Converge, our Talent Solutions team delivers nationwide technology staffing services to help our clients build, transition, and transform through people. In addition to our investments in emerging technologies and analysis of the latest market trends, we collaborate with a wide network of talent that spans all aspects of IT while offering flexible delivery options to achieve our clients’ highly responsive business needs. Our team has built numerous relationships with senior recruiters, top partners, and in-house consultants to give our clients a competitive edge while saving them both time and money. 

Services We Offer


  • Systems Engineering
  • Networking Engineering
  • Application Support
  • DevOps
  • Helpdesk


  • Software Development
  • QA
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Business Intelligence


  • Project Management
  • PMO
  • Business Analyst
  • Architecture
  • UI/UX Designer

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Types of Placements

We offer a variety of placement options for our customers, including contract, contract to permanent, and permanent assignment. Through contract placement, we provide for and pay an onsite, hourly employee with no intention of rolling into a permanent position. With contract to permanent, our team places a professional onsite with the intention of becoming a full-time employee for a certain amount of time. Lastly, our permanent option places a full-time employee at the client site, with salaries and benefits being 100% driven by the client.


Contract to Permanent

Permanent Placement

Project-based Staffing

Our team provides both Statement of Work (SOW) based and non-SOW based solutions for organizational projects. Our SOW based solutions involve meeting with your architects to scope a project and then utilizing our resources to provide more value to your customers at a lower cost. If your company already has a scope, we offer non-SOW based solutions that provide you with the resources needed to internally manage and scope the task at hand.

Staff Augmentation

Based on employee and skill gaps, our Talent Solutions team provides trained and certified staff to support our client’s initiatives. Our solution gives clients a competitive advantage by placing top IT and technical professionals onsite to successfully complete projects and achieve business goals, on time, and within budget.

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