Bay Area’s Tech Innovations: Now and into the Future

Soloman Balcerzak
March 25, 2020

The Bay Area is full of
talented people – engineers, thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. This mix
is destined to create new products and services and change the way we do the
things we’ve been doing our whole lives. Our world is being transformed at
every level: How we communicate with others, where we source products for our
daily needs, how we acquire knowledge, and how we commute, to give a few
examples. Beyond that, tech in the Bay Area is impacting the economy and our
lifestyle as well. On a daily basis we see new ways that technologies such as
artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing (to name few)
are being employed to make our lives easier.

At BlueChipTek specifically, we are known for Datacenter computing with our partners such as Supermicro, Dell, and Cisco; datacenter networking with trusted partners such as Juniper Networks and Cisco; Network security with multiple solutions coming from Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks, Cisco, and Checkpoint; corporate wireless networking with innovators such as Mist or Meraki; and public cloud deployments and operation. Our customers pay a lot of attention to agility and elasticity of cloud computing and increasing effectiveness through automation of various aspects of their IT operations and business processes.

There are a lot of benefits to the focus on technology and innovation in our area. Because there are so many interesting projects and initiatives going on, we have a high concentration of talented people from all over the world, and we get to work with them on a daily basis. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to create new things and be pioneers in and/or witnesses of how new ideas are applied in technology.

On the other hand, the fast pace of change our here puts a lot of stress on people, and it can be difficult to cope with. Because the market is so dynamic, it is challenging to predict the direction it will go in, so it’s tough to decide which technologies to invest in. Because of all the disruptive technologies, something that is commonly used today may be completely forgotten tomorrow if not enough innovation and effort is put into it. That means keeping a close eye on who’s doing what, and that’s a difficult task considering how many organizations we have out here.

Looking to the future, one of my favorite emerging technologies is Artificial Intelligence – it is something equally exciting and scary for anyone who’s attention was captivated by Sci-Fi movies as The Terminator or The Matrix. Of course, we’re nowhere near anything that sophisticated yet. More immediately, I see technologies that enable remote work changing our lives the most. I personally believe that with all the means of working remotely that are being innovated or reinvigorated, companies from the Bay Area will expand to other parts of US and the world in order to reduce workforce costs and decrease the concentration of talent in just one area. The number of interesting projects being worked on by the numerous innovative companies here has created a high population density in the Bay Area. There are tons of talented people around the world, and remote work technologies will allow companies to employ them where they are instead of bringing them to Silicon Valley.

The IT culture out here is vibrant; most people are personally invested in the projects that they’re working on. At BCT specifically, our culture is made up of enthusiastic people who are willing to go the extra mile to provide help to our clients, and we subscribe to a work hard, play hard mentality. We value when the customers who we work with recognize the value of that culture and tell us that they love working with us, that we provide unique value for them, and that they see us as a trusted adviser. That’s how we know that we’re making a difference and contributing to the continued growth of both our company and the technology industry as a whole.

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