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Converge Technology Partners is building a national platform of regionally focused IT infrastructure firms in the US and Canada connecting best of breed services and solutions to clients.


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Converge Technology Partners, Inc. Acquires Becker-Carroll


Converge Technology Partners, Inc. recently acquired Becker-Carroll, a company with experience bringing powerful blockchain solutions to customers.  


Converge Technology Partners, Inc. (“Converge”) and Becker-Carroll today announced that Converge has completed their acquisition of Becker-Carroll. The acquisition comes on the heels of Becker-Carroll’s recent involvement in the implementation of Hyperledger Indy, a blockchain technology that enables enterprise applications and services to participate in digital, centralized identity (self-sovereign) ecosystems and organizations to establish trusted relationships with one another through a verifiable, claims-based architecture. The knowledge gained from this and related initiatives positions Becker-Carroll to build enterprise-class self-sovereign identity blockchain solutions that respect and secure the privacy and liberty of the people and organizations that use them.

Northern Micro

Converge Technology Partners Acquires Northern Micro

Converge Technology Partners, Inc. has acquired Northern Micro Inc., a leading Canadian IT solutions provider from client devices to data centre infrastructure.

Northern Micro will continue its strategy of providing best of breed technology solutions from the endpoint to the data centre for its customers in the Canadian Federal Government and Education Sector. Herman Yeh, President of Northern Micro, will continue in his current position along with the senior management team.

In a world of accelerating technological change, customers need reliable, flexible, and innovative technology solutions more than ever. Northern Micro, together with Converge will continue to provide solutions that deliver on this mission.


Converge Technology Partners Acquires Corus360

Converge Technology Partners Inc. has acquired Corus360, a technology-led organization that empowers clients through resilience, people, and technology.   The goal of this acquisition is to invest in our people, our technology, and the future growth of our organization.  

In an increasingly digital marketplace, technology is no longer merely supporting business operations but shaping business strategies. Together, Converge Technology Partners and Corus360 have the industry knowledge, strategy, and leadership to embrace the forces that are transforming business objectives and customer expectations.  


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