Leveraging Lexington: A Business Hotspot

May 12, 2020

Lexington, Kentucky was founded in 1775, seventeen years before Kentucky became a state. William McConnell and a group of frontier explorers were camped at a natural spring when word came from nearby Fort Boonesborough that the first battle of the American Revolution had been fought in Lexington, Massachusetts. In honor of that battle, the group named their site “Lexington”. By 1820, Lexington, Kentucky, was one of the largest and wealthiest towns west of the Allegheny Mountains. So cultured was its lifestyle, the city soon gained the nickname “Athens of the West.”

Many years later, after numerous moves across the United States while working with IBM, one of the principals of SIS selected Lexington, Kentucky as the company’s headquarters location.  Although Lexington is most notably known for southern culture, tobacco, bourbon, and world class thoroughbred breeding and racing, SIS chose this city for its strategic location to several major metropolitan areas in the surrounding region. This has enabled SIS to expand as a technology leader in these adjacent cities over the past 25 years.

Today, Lexington is recognized as a top-rated city to raise a family and conduct business in the United States. The University of Kentucky, UK Medical Center, and Transylvania University provide a foundation of education, research, and innovation for businesses to leverage in growing regional and national companies. Plus, we all know UK’s rich tradition as a basketball icon and powerhouse in college sports! Additionally, Lexington is built on a spoke reaching out to other great cities in the region. The richness of these nearby communities and states provides growth opportunities SIS has capitalized on in the past and continues to rely on for significant growth in the future.

The majority of SIS’ clients are in the Ohio Valley region and, in addition to Lexington, include cities like Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Detroit. Each of these places have had a major influence in how we have assembled our sales and technical teams in order to support the diverse geography and client bases we are so fortunate to partner with. Unrelentless effort to always place the customer first and be immediately responsive to their needs has allowed SIS to build a business in this region that is foundationally solid and includes vendor relationships with major technology providers. We continue to support our clients in Lexington and beyond with technical advisory, advanced & modern managed services, data center hardware, and best of breed software to deliver solutions that meet the demands and needs for the markets we serve.

What a journey and privilege it has been to see the technology sector grow and work with the great businesses & people in Lexington, the Ohio Valley Region, and across the great USA.

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