Netezza is extending its Comeback with Netezza on Cloud

Robb Sinclair
July 21, 2020
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In my last blog, I discussed the latest news: Netezza is making a comeback on Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. With Netezza Performance Server, companies can finally run Netezza wherever they want it – on-cloud, on-premises, or on hybrid deployments – with all the benefits and simplicity Netezza users have come to expect and enjoy.

That’s right: Netezza is back in an on-premises format!

We are now able to announce to you that Netezza is available in a public, cloud-based version (first on AWS and soon on Azure). Now Netezza completely fulfills the true hybrid data platform story like no other data platform.

On-premises appliance = AWS cloud = Azure Cloud = IBM Cloud

This means that you can get the same great benefits from the Netezza that you know and love with cloud capabilities. For our clients, this may soon become a part of their cloud journeys to get all on-premises workloads to the cloud or part of a flexible solution that handles regular workload demands and then scales and flexes in the cloud when required. It may represent a production Netezza on-premises and a disaster recovery or development instance in the cloud that can be scaled up and down as workloads require. All of the systems are 100% compatible with one another, and workloads and storage can be moved as required using an ever-increasing pallet of options to create a seamless experience.

Scale up, scale out, and (more importantly) scale down

The new cloud option gives administrators the ability to consume more compute or disk and provides an estimate of the cost of that workload. We envision clients using this feature to scale up and out when their demands increase (month-end, year-end, or critical events in your business year like Black Friday) or use this as a data science platform when large computation workloads are required for a Data Science project.

For those customers who have existing workloads on Netezza from prior generations of the platform, the effort to migrate is as simple as seven lines of code:

-shost <src_host> -thost <tgt_host>
-sdb <src_db> -tdb <tgt_db>
-t <table1, table2, …>
-suser <src_user> -spassword <src_password>
-tuser <tgt_user> -tpassword <tgt_password>
-cksum fast -genStats Full
-TruncateTargetTable YES

Whether you’re a former fan of Netezza or if you’re in the market for a new storage and compute solution, this is great news. The platform is accessible and rife with features, and it’s easy to implement. Regardless of your organization’s current server environment, the new and improved Netezza is worth looking at. IT advances every day, and keeping a close eye on what’s available is always worth the time.

If this is too much for you to believe, let us know. We have created simple data proof of concepts and proof of technology for previous clients and can show you how simple this lift can be. Netezza is back – believe it and experience all the benefits and simplicity Netezza users have come to expect and enjoy.

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