Why Technical Employment Remains in Demand Despite COVID-19

Sharon Steingruber
September 29, 2020
Blogs | Talent Solutions

As we continue to navigate 2020 and all of the (not so great) twists and turns it’s brought, one question I continue to get is, “How is your business?” I’m asked this a lot because I am in the people business. I work with a technology company that has a division providing resources for both short term and long-term engagements. So, it’s natural in this state of high unemployment and uncertainty that people are asking me about my business. If they see that our business is continuing and isn’t as affected by COVID-19 as others, I think it brings a sense of normalcy and hope.

Good technical talent has always been a high priority and is recognized as an essential part of any organization. Technology doesn’t just refer to the computer sitting on your desk anymore. Today, we are focused on what a remote workforce looks like, how to help them work more effectively, how we continue business in an uncertain environment, and how we bring employees back to their jobs safely. Today’s world of tech includes a need for collaboration tools, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, software development, and the architecture/infrastructure to support the business.

According to CompTIA analysis, over the past three years the tech services and custom software sector accounted for over 75% of job gains in the tech industry. These gains reflect the ongoing need of customers for expertise in supporting efforts to modernize IT infrastructure, systems, data, and cybersecurity. Even in the midst of a pandemic and when the national unemployment rate rose to over 13%, technical unemployment peaked at just over 4% in April and has been falling ever since. 

Those in technical positions also need to be aware of changes in the field and find ways to evolve and grow in their careers so they can continue to be marketable. Top trends in 2020 technical employment include AI, IoT, cybersecurity, blockchain, and edge computing. The individuals that invest in growing in their field, learning new things, and keeping up with the explosive growth in tech will find that they bring incredible value and worth to any organization. 

We will get through this year and this pandemic. And, yes, our work life will look different, but I firmly believe that the organizations that invest in their talent and their technology will find that they can embrace the change and come out stronger. Technology can help us get through this, but it’s the people behind the technology that make that magic happen.

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