Leadership Does Not Require a Title

Jessica Geis
May 10, 2021

We’re all familiar with the corporate ladder and many of us set out to climb it.  We set ambitious goals to rise from entry-level jobs right out of college to the C-Suite.  We are made to believe that with the right education, work ethic, and career map, we will somehow realize our full potential and reach our lofty title and compensation goals. News flash: Not all roads to the top are linear. In fact, today, most are not. 

Thanks to technology, change is rapid – breakneck speed rapid. Opportunities are up for grabs as capital, distribution and access is more widely availably globally than ever. There’s great opportunity out there – the traditional corporate ladder is no longer the only way to get to the top.  

On the whole, people are living longer – thereby working longer as well. We have more generations than ever simultaneously in the workforce, all with different ideas, values, and ways of working. Learning how to communicate with and build communication bridges between Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers is critical for the health and growth of an organization. A good leader fosters that communication to build a culture that breeds innovation, growth, and success. 

Due to similar shifts in culture and access, women are rising in the workplace. One in of five household breadwinners are women. Today’s leadership requires the high level of emotional intelligence that tends to come inherently to women.  Women tend to be values-driven, sharing-oriented and great relationship builders. More open and transparent leaders are replacing the command and control management style, a leadership style that is no longer very effective.  

With the remote workforce more important than ever, we now have on-demand access to global talent pools and support disparate teams who work remote from all over the world.  The need to understand the change in demographics not only generationally but by culture, ethnicity and experience is crucial. 

For all the women reading this blog out there, it is time to break the glass ceiling and embrace our differences. The sky is the limit and you can create your own path to success.

I am incredibly excited for our upcoming EmpowHER Women in Leadership event on Thursday, May 13th. I’m proud to bring together a group of women who are brave, authentic, accomplished, generous, driven, and adaptable.  This tremendous panel of women will share their tips and insights on how they have risen to the top of their game, the struggles they have faced along the way, and the non-conventional thinking that brought them to the highest levels of their careers.  Join me and learn from incredible leaders who inspire through their actions and example. 

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