What the Pandemic Taught Us About Digital Resiliency

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July 7, 2021

Companies that survived the COVID-19 pandemic were able to recognize opportunities to accelerate digital transformation in the middle of crisis. They survived despite economic destruction that could cost the US economy up to $7.6 trillion in lost output, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

However, what the pandemic taught us about digital resiliency involves not only embracing technology but also recognizing emerging risks to withstand unexpected crises. For example, new cyberthreats have emerged during the pandemic, exploiting the rapidly emerging digital economy. Flexibility, innovation and cybersecurity are keys to surviving uncertainty in this new environment.

Dangers of a Digital Workplace

During the pandemic, cyberattacks using previously unseen methods or malware increased 15%, according to a Deloitte report.

Cybersecurity risks in emails

A user who clicks on a nefarious link could unwittingly unleash malware that infiltrates a company’s network. During the pandemic, scammers capitalized on the crisis at hand by sending phishing emails that pretended to be from the World Health Organization or claimed information about stimulus checks. Therefore, the most resilient companies operate on virtual private networks and encourage employee vigilance and use of robust passwords.

Security risks in online collaboration

Hackers also targeted online meeting platforms to infiltrate larger networks. For example, a security breach affected 500,000 Zoom users in April 2021. After hackers stole personal information, they sold it on the dark web.

Moreover, total fraud loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has totaled more than $439 million as of mid-May 2021, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Tools for Addressing Change

Companies that adapted well to these challenges developed robust, flexible digital workspaces.

Taking advantage of the cloud

More than 90% of businesses in 2021 will meet their infrastructure needs by mixing their legacy platforms with public and private clouds, according to an International Data Corporation report. This hybrid cloud flexibility allows companies to adapt their platforms both for customers and for employees working from home.

Digital technology maintains business continuity. Tools include e-commerce platforms, other online customer interfaces and facilitation of remote employee access. Employees can access their companies’ enterprise software packages virtually, thanks to burgeoning software-as-a-solution technologies that allow for remote deployment and configuration of commercial software. 

Adapting through innovation

Protecting the end user from vulnerabilities becomes critical in this complex decentralized environment featuring a highly mobile workforce. Digital resiliency begins with security: a proactive, robust security infrastructure that not only protects ongoing interactions but also predicts and neutralizes future threats. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning help identify such suspicious activity. Furthermore, a security solution that separates backup data from the network provides an extra layer of confidence.

Digital resiliency involves increased agility that can help accelerate innovation. A resilient digital infrastructure facilitates cloud and edge computing, providing fast local processing, prioritizing traffic and offering the flexibility to help unlock a company’s return on investment.

Optimize your Digital Resiliency with Dell and Converge

Forward-looking companies have the opportunity to embrace innovation to capitalize on what the pandemic taught us about digital resiliency. Email us to find out how Converge Technology Solutions can help you implement and customize Dell’s offerings for your business.

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