How Change Can Be Good – Celebrating Four Years of Converge

Archie James
October 12, 2021

No, this isn’t a story about my marriage, although you could call it that because I chose her, and she chose me.  This is a story about clients, culture, and teamwork.

After many years working for a large, multi-national technology company, I wanted a change and found just what I needed at a small technology reseller firm headquartered in Norcross, Georgia named Corus360.  We were a fast-growing company, with about 250 employees spread mostly across the Southeast US.  We consulted on and sold servers, storage, networking, and basic security products.  We prided ourselves in being laser-focused on taking care of our clients and building trusting relationships based on making great recommendations and delivering on our commitments.

In 2017, the opportunity arose to create a different kind of technology company that could meet the rapidly changing needs of companies wanting to leverage technology to create competitive advantages.  Fortunately, they saw Corus360 as an ideal starting point to build such a foundation. We were acquired and subsequently, Converge added three more organizations to our growing portfolio of companies. Together, we debuted as a public organization, with a stock price that has grown from $.80 cents/share to over $9/share today, an obvious example of the value others see in our business.

Today, there are twenty-four companies in our family; and while we still consult on and provide the same types of technology, we also deliver software-enabled technologies, such as Cybersecurity, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Managed Services, and Cloud capabilities.  We’re growing with our clients by providing value, offering trusted recommendations, being dependable, and responding quickly in emergencies.  We also invest in our sellers and engineers by keeping them up-to-date on technology trends through weekly training sessions. 

Many would say we’ve evolved a lot in the past four years. I’d agree, with the caveat that as we’ve grown into a large organization, we’ve still retained the things I loved about that small company I worked for in 2017 that make Converge Technology Solutions a great place to work.  We still have a culture of developing people, with a philosophy of helping them grow professionally and personally, through Toastmasters and leadership development programs.  We are constantly encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills to make them more valuable and open new opportunities to them.  

Happy 4th Anniversary, Converge Technology Solutions Corp. 

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