We’re excited to share some big news from IBM with you. Recently IBM announced the launch of its next generation of Power servers. Building on the cutting-edge legacy of IBM’s Power series, Power 10 takes performance, speed, and scalability to the next level to help enterprises respond more quickly to business requirements, protect data, and streamline insights and automation.

In designing the server, IBM listened intently to its clients’ needs and has truly delivered something new for the challenges of the modern business environment. It’s an environment where businesses face more uncertainty and have needed to adapt their IT infrastructures to meet evolving customer demands – especially during the pandemic.

Reacting to new opportunities and risks requires flexible, scalable, and agile IT – from software development to the operation of critical workloads. Increasingly, hybrid cloud models have come to the forefront of how businesses can make this happen. Power 10 is the first system that IBM built from the ground up specifically for hybrid cloud environments. Its performance and compatibility set the foundation for businesses to create dynamic, secure, and frictionless hybrid cloud experiences.

At Converge, we’re excited to bring this technology to our clients to help them realize their business visions. We’re eager to start the conversation with you about positioning your IT infrastructure for the future. For a deeper dive on the transformative capabilities of Power 10, check out this quick 20-minute video to learn how the latest generation of Power can help you respond faster to business demands, protect data with persistent security, and streamline insights and automation – all with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience.