The Value of Partnership

Justin Hall
February 10, 2022

As I head home from another successful Converge National Sales Meeting (NSM), it strikes me how exceptionally grateful I am for this year’s gathering. The opportunity to connect with peers has always been welcomed, however, after last year’s virtual meeting and such a challenging two years behind us, I find myself extra appreciative for the past few days of safely reconnecting with my Converge teammates and our partners.

The complexity of 2020 and 2021 has not been without progress, though. Throughout those trials and difficult times, the resilience of Converge and our partners shone. We problem solved, worked as a team, and never backed down in finding ways to continue helping our clients and being successful together. These attributes were present once again during ConvergeNEXT planning sessions and I look forward to continuing to build teams, foster relationships, and find solutions in the coming year.

With 2022 already upon us, teamwork, really, is what I am thankful for. One might also describe teamwork as “partnership”, a word I feel describes more than just our alignment with our partners and their solutions. It’s a real effort, on both sides, to be a united front and make decisions that benefit both parties. It’s the desire to problem solve together and find ways to continue being jointly successful. It’s real friendships and decades of collaboration. It’s celebrating triumphs and overcoming failures. It’s truly being, better together.

It is this type of partnership that makes organizations successful. If Converge is the body, our partners are our heart, and I am proud of the community we’ve created together. I want to take this time to say “thank you” to each of our partners for all you do. Thank you for attending and backing our NSM, your continued support throughout the years, and the other one million significant things you do to help us be successful. Speaking for each of us at Converge, we truly appreciate our partners and look forward to many more years of achievements together. The greatest value comes from our people and our partners. Let’s take on 2022!

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