Guardium Insights Served on a Silver Platter

Victoria Pena
May 18, 2022
Blogs | Cybersecurity

Businesses are driven by data, and in today’s world, organizations of all sizes are addressing pressures to achieve responsiveness, agility, and cost reduction by moving that data into the world of hybrid multi-cloud.

While this digital transformation takes place, organizations are also hyper-focused on mitigating the risk around data to meet needs of auditors, shareholders, and customers.

This starts with a strategy that provides visibility across multiple (and growing) environments, complies with current and future regulations, and allows more efficient responses to threats.

IBM Guardium Insights, as a core offering of IBM’s data security portfolio, helps clients solve all of the problems listed above. It is a modern data security platform, built on Red Hat OpenShift, that centralizes and stores years of auditing data. This allows clients to produce compliance reports in seconds, while also leveraging advanced analytics to help uncover risk and patterns that need immediate action.

The benefit of an open platform that can deploy anywhere (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP) is an increase in flexibility for organizations. However, the skills and resources needed to maintain this platform may be a barrier to entry for some.

That is why Converge is offering Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights, a cloud-agnostic, fully managed and hosted solution. Our experts, with over a decade of Guardium expertise, manage and maintain the architecture and infrastructure with attention to the ever-evolving security requirements, while you get all the value Guardium Insights has to offer.

Register for our upcoming webinar with IBM to learn more. You’ll see how you can gain the value, scale, and security of Guardium Insights, while leaving the architecture, infrastructure, and management to us.

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