EmpowHER 2023: Insights From an Inspiring Women in Leadership Panel

Ariel Vered
June 7, 2023

Converge held its third annual EmpowHER Women in Leadership event, hosted by Jessica Geis, VP of Client Experiences for Converge Technology Solutions. The inspiring event brought together a panel of remarkable women from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences, insights, and advice on key areas crucial to women’s career advancement:

Andrea Heuston, CEO and Founder, Artitudes

Brandi Hudson, Happiness Coach

Emily Martin, Executive Vice President Canada Sales, Converge Technology Solutions

Erin Papworth, CEO, Nav.it

Kim Arvizu, Group Vice President, Operations, Franklin Madison.  

The panel explored trending topics such as leveraging AI tools, navigating promotions, demonstrating one’s worth and asking for a raise, setting boundaries at work, understanding the value of a company’s culture, and offering advice for women in their professional journeys. Featuring interactive polls and questions from the audience, the EmpowHER panel provided an invaluable platform to inspire and empower aspiring women leaders with insights, tools, and strategies to navigate challenges, thrive in their careers, and continue to pave the way for women leaders.  

You can watch the full version by clicking here or watch highlights of the session below:

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