In the realm of app performance, modern businesses face the challenge of delivering more functionality, performance, and scalability with a leaner and more cost-efficient infrastructure. Adopting microservices instead of monolithic apps has been a positive step for many companies. However, these contemporary approaches come with their own set of complexities.

Cloud-based app architecture today can resemble a complex web of microservices dependencies, with thousands of runtime services making calls across the app infrastructure. This intricate arrangement can lead to overallocation and underutilization of computing resources. Thankfully, modern app monitoring and automation tools are available to help businesses achieve optimal performance and cost management across hybrid-cloud environments.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions, such as Instana, provide maximum visibility into app performance and architecture health with minimal instrumentation. Meanwhile, Application Resource Management (ARM) tools, like Turbonomic, dynamically allocate resources in real-time where they are most needed to enhance performance, reduce tickets, and lower hosting costs.

While both Instana and Turbonomic can individually optimize app performance, their combined power is even greater. Instana proactively identifies performance opportunities, and Turbonomic automatically and dynamically manages resources to achieve optimal app performance at a lower cost.

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