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Transform Your Business On A Modern Mainframe Foundation

You rely on mainframe computers for business-critical processes, like financial transactions, customer order processing, production and inventory control, and payroll because only mainframes have the computing capabilities to handle them. Modern mainframes are built to deliver, whether you are performing large-scale transaction processing, leveraging real-time AI inferencing, using pervasive encryption, supporting thousands of users and applications concurrently, managing terabytes of information in databases, or handling large-bandwidth communication.

Staying ahead of your competition may mean modernizing or upgrading your infrastructure, architecting a new system, or introducing new workloads. Our mainframe experts can help!

Converge is an IBM Platinum Business Partner specializing in high-availability solutions based on IBM Z Systems mainframe servers and enterprise storage. We have industry-leading expertise and experience in a broad range of related hardware, software, and services, including hybrid cloud environments.

Mainframe Services

As an IBM Premier Storage Business Partner, Converge is focused on enterprise mainframe storage solutions and FICON Directors. Our expertise and solutions include IBM Z mainframe servers, associated storage and networking equipment, security, disaster recovery, CyberVault, and a broad range of software. We also offer professional and IT architectural services, including pre-sale assessment of legacy environments, expert studies on capacity planning, designing and architecting new solutions, installation and deployment, ongoing training, and optimization.

Our value-added solutions include:

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  • Virtualization, Containerization, & Consolidation
  • Business Resiliency
  • Cyber Resiliency & CyberVault
  • Compression & Encryption
  • System Performance Analysis
  • Workload/Systems Management
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  • Multi-OS Integration
  • Enterprise Backup Design & Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation
  • IBM Z Systems Software Health Check Services
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  • System Tuning
  • Application Tuning
  • User Training
  • DevOps CI/CD for Mainframe
  • Capacity Planning Health Check
  • WLM Build & Manage
  • Parallel SYSPLEX Build, Maintain, Manage & Migration

Experience And Expertise You Can Rely On

With over three decades of mainframe experience, our IBM Z Systems specialists are highly skilled at designing, implementing, managing, and supporting various environments.
We align technology decisions with our customers’ business and functional requirements and expectations for the future. Our expertise extends across the IBM Systems portfolio, including the mainframe, zOS, zVM, zVSE, storage, virtual tape, networks, security, disaster recovery, cyber and business resiliency, expertly integrated systems families, and appliances such as IDAA.
Simply put, we deliver the power and performance of the mainframe for critical, next-generation initiatives.

  • Top 5 Platinum Partner for IBM Z Systems
  • Multimillion-Dollar Innovation Center
  • Decades of Mainframe Experience
  • Sponsor of IBM Z Executive Customer Councils, Academic Initiatives, Roundtables & User Groups

At our multimillion-dollar Innovation Center, we implement leading-edge IBM mainframe technology to gain the expertise necessary to deliver these technologies with excellence. Our clients can use our sandbox environment to evaluate supported solutions on the most current Z Systems and OSs. Hosted OMP projects allow our customers to use real Z Systems hardware to design and develop open-source solutions.

Need To Modernize Your Mainframe Infrastructure?

What We Do

Our team’s extensive IBM Z Systems experience in the field means we know firsthand that each deployment is unique. That’s why we deliver customized services, technologies, and capabilities that optimize your mainframe investments.

FICON Director

IT Assessment & Health Check

Staff Augmentation Services



FICON Director

Maximize performance in your mainframe-I/O-connected data center with installation, configuration, and customization services for new, updated, or existing Brocade and Cisco FICON Director deployments.

IT Assessment and Efficiency Health Check

Transform your IT with a comprehensive approach that optimizes resources, processes, and technology.

Staff Augmentation Services

Rapidly adapt to changing environments in productive, cost-effective ways with a staff augmentation plan designed for agile IT.


Get the powerful technology infrastructure your medium-to-large IT enterprise needs with our design expertise in industry-leading storage products.


Help z/OS systems programmers easily perform critical performance management and capacity planning with the tailored capabilities of VPAT.

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