Software Information Systems, LLC


Established in 1982, Acquired in 2019
Headquarters: Lexington, Kentucky


About SIS

Software Information Systems, LLC (“SIS”) is a nationally-recognized, leading technology and managed IT solutions provider helping clients design, optimize and support mission-critical assets.

SIS is focused on managed cloud delivery, compute efficiency, network optimization, storage optimization, and IT spend optimization. Their private cloud delivery solutions allow customers to self-provision and manage cross platform capabilities for IaaS, backup, resiliency, and security of their hosted workloads.

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“A Converge Company”

Acquired in January 2019,  SIS brings full-scale managed services and cross platform cloud solutions, which add significant capabilities to the Hybrid IT solutions Converge can offer to its customers. This acquisition solidified Converge as a major Hybrid IT provider in North America.

As part of the Converge family of companies, SIS maintains its focus on solving clients’ challenges and designing solutions. Their proven methodology, experienced professionals, and innovative technologies provide the highest quality of IT service to clients, both large and small.

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