Netezza and Data Platform Workloads Understood

Robb Sinclair
August 20, 2020
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In case you didn’t read the news in my last blog, Netezza is back in an on-premises format. And the latest news in the Netezza story is that Netezza is on Cloud.

Netezza is now available in a public cloud-based version (first on AWS and soon on Azure) and the story fulfils that true hybrid data platform story like no other data platform.

On prem appliance = AWS cloud = Azure Cloud = IBM Cloud

Now that we have the capability to deploy high performance and compute data warehouses anywhere, the question is, where do we deploy it? It also gives rise to questions such as: What part of the data estate? What tier of the solution? What environment? Where can we deploy disaster recovery? These questions are applicable for modernizing Netezza, converting from Netezza, or converting to Netezza.

So how will you know how towhere to, and, most importantly, why you would design and architect a solution that meets the end data consumer needs, complies with governance and security postures, and provides all the benefits of the new platform while utilizing legacy and heterogenous data estates?

Like most things, the solution requires some analysis, some diagnostics, and a great practitioner with experience. It has new benefits, features, and methods along with a deep experience around data and all of the legacy platform sources and approaches that you might have migrated from.

The analysis will be specific to the needs of the organization. Is this for modernization and preparing for the next data-based solution? Is this to refresh older hardware or software? Is this to take advantage of a cloud first approach? Is this being planned to take advantage of variable scale in the cloud (scale up and out)? Is this a move to provide cost savings? Of course, these are just a few of the many other reasons why an organization might move to deploy this technology.

Based on analyzing how the solution will be used, our engineers like to do a deep dive regarding the benefits and cost concerns.

We like to use multiple diagnostic tools to assess what you have, how it has been used, what the actual demand on the system is, and where the peaks and valleys of consumption are. In other words, we analyze facts.

We feel that this is the only way to actually understand where the current solution sits and how it performs and meets or misses the current requirements. After reviewing all of the data, we prepare a description of the proposed requirements, current usage, and proposed future state to meet and address.

To restate and summarize:

  1. This is an excellent platform with numerous features and uses.
  2. It’s vital to appropriately evaluate the workloads, both current and planned, to determine how to apply Netezza or if another platform is the right fit for you.
  3. The appropriate diagnostics should be run before any decisions are made.

Netezza is an excellent platform with a fantastic suite of capabilities, and if you don’t already use it now is a great time to look into it and see if it’s right for your business.

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