The Great Stall

Sharon Steingruber
September 1, 2020
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Every organization has been there. You start with an idea, a need, or an initiative, and it becomes a project. A plan is put into place, a timeline is set, products are procured, and away you go.

And then it happens – The Great Stall.

You know what I’m talking about –  the moment when a project slows down or grinds to a halt because of an unforeseen incident or, more often, because there just aren’t enough hands to do the project AND keep the business running. As a result, the project is put on hold or day-to-day work gets put pushed back and, before you know it, you’re behind in one way or another.

Many of my clients have encountered The Great Stall, not because they didn’t plan the project well, but because they underestimated the resources needed. Other times it’s because they don’t possess the specific type of resources needed. Maybe they need an SME rather than smart hands. Maybe they need extra hands to supplement their onsite team. Perhaps they only need a few key people to make it to the goal line.

Before you consider your next project, whether it’s a PC upgrade, a data center move, vulnerability patching, or application integration, consider the resources and the team that you need to make it successful. Oftentimes, managers think their team can handle their full-time jobs as well as the new project and oftentimes those managers are incorrect. We all know that a stressed out, overworked team  only leads to lower quality outcomes.

Consider utilizing your partners for the SMEs or smart hands that you need. Working with your trusted technology providers and agencies as partners while preparing for your project will ensure that you have the people, processes, and technologies to make your project successful. Avoid the Great Stall and relish in your Great Success!

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