Accelerate Your Cloud Journey by Reimagining Integration

Andrew Tenaglia
September 3, 2020
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To enable their businesses, many enterprises are on a journey to digitally transform their IT operations with help from the cloud. It’s creating new opportunities to reimagine how IT operates and how it serves the business—whether it’s application development, CI/CD, integration, or hybrid IT.

In this journey, integration is more relevant than ever, not only for leveraging legacy components and executing on a modernization program, but also for integrating newer technologies driven by machine learning and AI. Because customers demand it, every organization needs to focus on creating differentiated, personalized customer experiences which is done by acting on all information, no matter where it’s located. Capitalizing on all that data requires a new approach to integration.

Organizations need the integration tools, skills, and strategy to get there, but are faced with a number of challenges:

  • Skills & Culture – Lack of skilled integrators, variety of integration patterns and ease of access limits ability to scale quickly
  • The impact to enterprise process – Bridging older architectures, monolithic approaches, legacy workloads and systems in favor of microservices, cloud native techniques
  • Many point integration products – Security, governance, data movement, scaling, analytics, and orchestration in hybrid cloud environments

IBM’s Cloud Pak for Integration can help. It’s an enterprise-ready, containerized software solution that provides an open, faster, and more secure way to move core business applications for any cloud. More than just technology, it’s designed to help organizations overcome core challenges on their road to digital transformation.

For example, Cloud Pak for Integration is designed to help lower the barrier of entry for IT integration when it comes to development and reuse. It’s also helping organizations move incrementally from older monolithic architectures toward modern approaches by bridging the gap with a modular approach to integration. It provides the flexibility and choice for organizations to use the many integration products and approaches available to them.

Check out our webinar, Modernizing Your Agile Integration Strategy, for a deeper dive into what Cloud Pak for Integration can do for your business. Be sure to watch the Q&A at the end for expert perspectives on starting the cloud journey, managing cultural challenges, and gaining executive buy-in. Make the most of Cloud Pak for Integration—from learning about the technology all the way through implementation and support.

Take the next step toward modern integration

As you’ll see in the webinar, a great place to start this journey is with an IBM Cloud Integration Virtual Modernization Workshop. Here, Converge and IBM will have an educational and interactive problem-solving session with your team, discuss experiences working with clients to develop multi-cloud integration strategies, and work with you to devise your ideal “to be” state.

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