What Does Multicloud Look Like in the New Era?

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January 11, 2022
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The cloud holds enormous potential for flexible, inexpensive data storage and information availability. Multicloud computing has helped move data out of on-premise hard drives and into convenient silos. But what does multicloud look like in the new era?

Multicloud computing is redefining cloud computing by offering greater choice, flexibility, and reliability as more businesses begin adoption.

Here’s how multicloud strategy fits into the future of enterprise computing.

Multicloud Computing in the New Era

Marked by more remote work and the increasing importance of highly available data, multicloud is a key part of the new computing era.

Companies are using multicloud configurations to host, process, and serve enormous amounts of data. With this configuration, businesses spread out the responsibility for their core and supplementary infrastructure across multiple environments.

Components of a Multicloud Configuration

Unlike a hybrid cloud—which incorporates one or more private clouds—a multicloud configuration uses multiple public clouds to host its components.

This means that common components of digital businesses—including software as a service, function as a service, cloud storage, data processing, and more—can be assigned to separate environments.

Benefits of a Multicloud Strategy

Although they run in separate environments, components remain connected. This configuration has significant potential benefits for modern computing, including:

Reliability. Operating in multiple clouds means an outage or disruption in one will not shut down your operation.

Redundancy. Multicloud solutions can connect multiple databases, creating redundancy to help backup, recover, and protect valuable data. 

Flexibility to move to other services. When using a multicloud architecture, your business is not locked into one vendor.

Cost efficiency. Multicloud architecture lets you choose providers based on pricing and efficiency. The frequency, volume, or other aspects of data can affect the provider tiers and pricing used to optimize your data usage.

Reduced latency. Using multicloud allows you to use data centers that are geographically close to your business, even if you serve geographically separate regions.

Compliance with regulations. When laws and regulations require you to store and process data in specific locations, multicloud can help you do so conveniently.

Impact of Multicloud on the Future of Computing

Accessibility is a key part of modern cloud computing, where data must be always available and accessible from anywhere. Multicloud’s inherent diversification enhances its value and utility for supporting businesses’ accessibility needs.

Remote and Hybrid Work

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to hybrid work. During the pandemic, 90% of Dell’s workforce worked at home. A Dell pulse survey found that 40% of Dell customers will support home-work environments permanently.

In response to staff shifting to work from home, companies had to quickly deploy alternative solutions, and many selected multicloud arrangements. Using multicloud allows workers to access applications and data quickly, securely, and from anywhere.

Multicloud Apps and Analytics

Multicloud infrastructure can help businesses use containerized applications that run from anywhere their employees are located—an essential benefit for the hybrid work era.

Multicloud analytics services enable businesses to track analytics for all their cloud environments in one dashboard. These tools make it easier to manage multicloud architectures.

Era of Flexible Computing

As the world moves toward a more flexible computing paradigm, businesses face an important question: What does multicloud look like in the new era? Multicloud technology is set to play a crucial role in digital enterprises and data availability for hybrid work environments.

To explore how Converge Technology Solutions enables consistent, secure infrastructure for your workloads across clouds, visit convergetp.com/digital-infrastructure or contact your Converge account manager.

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