Better Together in 2022

Greg Berard
January 4, 2022

As we head into 2022, I want to thank everyone for a great 2021 and wish you all a Happy New Year. With the trials and unknowns the past two years brought us, I remain amazed at the determination, perseverance, creative thinking, and teamwork I’ve seen from our employees at Converge and our partners. It’s been both challenging and rewarding to overcome so many obstacles and to see the results our team produced in 2021.

However, as with the start of anything new, there’s a unique opportunity to reflect on the past and to look forward to the future. Looking back on 2021, we were all quite hopeful things would be better than 2020, and in many ways, they were. When the world stopped, Converge didn’t, and as both employees and a company we learned so much about how to pivot to remain successful. 2021 offered the opportunity to take those lessons, hurdles, and triumphs and turn them into a new set of knowledge and skills used to best serve our clients and remain productive in this new way of doing business. For this and many other reasons, I am continually impressed and grateful for my Converge family and all our employees. In a year of rebuilding, each of you remained driven, focused, and ready to tackle any opportunity or obstacle that came our way, and I am truly thankful to work with each of you.

It is also the hard work and fortitude of the Converge team that made the successes of 2021 possible. We took the Converge brand global, expanding into Europe and Mexico, allowing us to grow our skills and solutions as individual teams and an organization to meet the needs of our clients around the world. We also continued to grow the Converge family, through the acquisition of nine organizations this past year alone. Additionally, we developed our partnerships, achieving Google Cloud Premier, HPE Platinum, AWS Migration Competency, Intel Titanium, Palo Alto Diamond, and Pure Storage Elite statuses throughout the year. Finally, we saw the recognition of our hard work in accolades such as the IBM Beacon Award, Ingram Micro Partner of the Year, and the release of our IP4G solution offering with Google. It is amazing to think about what we accomplished as a team and as we continue to deliver on our motto of #BetterTogether.

With the strength of our partners, the loyalty of our clients, and the entire Converge team behind us, I am sure 2022 will be even more exciting. I am looking forward to kicking off the year during our annual National Sales Meeting, where we will communicate our strategy to execute on in 2022 and beyond. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to safely reconnect in person with colleagues and partners, something I know I and others greatly missed in the time we were away from each other. Additionally, I am certain this year will bring continued growth for the Converge family, as we further expand our global presence and solution capabilities along with our continued focus on going-to-market as one brand, one team, and one company.

I am so proud to be a part of Converge and for the opportunity to keep leading the best team in the industry. It is hard to believe I have now been a part of this family for 3 years, and I look forward to many more together. I can never say enough that I am grateful to our employees, partners, and clients and appreciate all you do. We are successful because of you. Thank you for a wonderful 2021, Happy New Year, and cheers to an even better 2022! #Converge #BetterTogether

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