Celebrating Converge’s Sixth Anniversary

Greg Berard
October 26, 2023

October is a special month for Converge. It’s a favorite season for many, with Halloween for the children, football and hockey seasons starting, and the anticipation of the many holidays to come, but for the Converge family it also marks another year as a company and another milestone of how far we’ve come. This year denotes six years since Converge was founded back in 2017, and it is amazing to watch what our teams continue to accomplish together every day. 

As many know, Converge has historically been a company focused on growth by acquisition. From our founding to the start of this year, we’ve grown at a groundbreaking pace, acquiring 35 companies over the course of six years and enveloping thousands of new employees into the Converge family. In 2023, however, we turned our attention inwards, pivoting our focus towards organic growth, as well as the Company’s global transformation and integration of those 35 organizations into one Converge name, brand, and team. As we enter Q4, I’m proud to see how our employees have embraced this journey while keeping our foundational mentality of going to market with our ever-expanding solutions and services, driving organic growth, and truly showcasing the Converge brand with everyone they interact with. I’m also excited for the future, as there’s so much more growth on the horizon for Converge as one global company in 2024.  

It also goes without saying, that I am immensely thankful for the Converge employees as we round out six years as an organization. We often refer to ourselves as the “Converge family” or within the context of our motto of “#BetterTogether”, but I don’t believe those phrases to be taken lightly. Growing from a company of just a few hundred to a few thousand is no small feat. Yet, due to the incredible drive, attitude, and camaraderie I’ve seen from every Converge employee, we’ve created a culture where I’m proud to work each day. We support one another, push each other further, and continually help our peers through challenges while celebrating our successes. Our focus on client and employee excellence is what has made us successful and what will continue to be our backbone as we move into the future.  

To say it’s been a transformative six years would be quite the understatement. Whether facing the challenges of a start-up company, to pivoting during a global pandemic, to taking our brand global, we’ve succeeded because of who we are at our core – a company founded on the principles of integrity, unity, commitment, and excellence. As we round out 2023 and look towards 2024, I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come or proud of where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished together. Thank you to our partners, our customers, and our employees. You are our strength and the reason we have been able to celebrate so many achievements together over the past 6 years. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next.  


Greg Berard 

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