How To Build The Right Foundation For New AI Tools

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October 27, 2023
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Artificial intelligence (AI) implementations have the potential to generate incredible business value, boost innovation, and speed digital transformation. However, organizations also face numerous challenges in executing a successful AI strategy.

Enterprises are ramping up adoption of AI technologies — such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and more — but many don’t know how or where to get started. Converge Technology Solutions, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Solution Provider, can help organizations overcome these challenges, while helping to identify potential infrastructure issues that might hinder efforts.

Implementing new AI tools can serve as a canary in a coal mine for organizations, exposing existing weaknesses within their data environment. That’s according to Howard Lock, Head of AI and Machine Learning Business Development with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, who was recently a guest on the Converge podcast, “Simplify AI with Converge Technology Solutions.”

Lock explained how implementing new AI technologies without first getting other IT tools in order can expose weaknesses in:

  • Data management
  • Master Data catalogs
  • Weak data governance
  • Data security
  • Access control

“Often, there needs to be parallel efforts in addressing these deficits in the data tech stack,” Lock explained while speaking with host James Hilliard and fellow guest Jonathan D. Gough, Ph.D., Senior Director of AI and Machine Learning and AP Dev with Converge Technology Solutions.

The Benefits of Bringing AI In-House

While it might be tempting to just use third-party AI tools, Gough said it’s beneficial for companies to bring their AI tools in-house so that they aren’t leaking value and exposing data to outsiders, something that Converge and HPE can help with.

“Being able to have that model sit on-prem. It makes it safe,” Gough said. “That data is safe and secure.”

The businesses that find success often partner with companies that help guide the path of AI implementation, like Converge and HPE. Together, they have experience deploying Gen AI and large language model applications to address real problems, so they can offer steady guidance.

Choosing the AI Right Solutions

Converge and HPE can also help organizations decide which AI solutions they need and what will help them most long-term. Gough recommends that organizations begin the process by identifying what problems they want to solve and then identifying the different data faucets that can be leveraged to solve those problems. Only after that should they look for the appropriate AI technology.

“At Converge, that journey toward taking your data and making it actionable, and getting the insights from it, and operationalizing it, it’s a journey,” Gough said, adding that Converge makes a great partner because they do more than AI.

“Converge also offers: advanced analytics, data modernization, and digital infrastructure, setting up those HPE machines so that they run and are optimized,” Gough said. “We work across the entire tech stack.”

Converge works with every industry, from healthcare to education, manufacturing and finance. And all of them can benefit from large language models and foundational models.

“These are applicable everywhere that you find unstructured text,” Gough said. 

Listen to the full podcast to learn more insights on how your organization can maximize the power of AI tools.

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Converge works closely with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to help simplify your AI projects with top-notch support and services while helping you choose the right AI solution, in addition to troubleshooting along the way.

Check out our infographic, “Selecting the Right Data and Architecture Platforms to Support AI”, to learn how Converge Technology Solutions and HPE can accelerate your AI initiatives.  

Read this White Paper, “Simplify Your AI Journey and Accelerate Innovation” to learn more about how Converge Technology Solutions and HPE can help you overcome AI challenges to simplify your AI projects and support increasingly complex workloads with the most beneficial HPE AI solutions and the talent/expertise to implement them.

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