GCP Marketplace Enables Seamless Migration for Ride-Hailing Platform


A global ride-hailing company was challenged to optimize their massive PAN estate and figure out how to best accommodate keeping the decommissioned, smaller FWs at their offices under support while migrating to the larger FWs in the new backbone data centers. All of this needed to be done while being cost-effective with increased security challenges and new associated licensing.


Converge and Palo Alto Networks proposed a solution to provide the company support on remaining Firewall estate, while getting them into an ELA/ESA on their new backbone environment.

The solution provided the company’s Procurement and Finance teams predictable OPEX pricing over the next three years while they expand and deploy their new environment. Converge also recommended using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace as the procurement vehicle to execute this ELA/ESA.


By taking advantage of the GCP Marketplace as the procurement vehicle for this ELA/ESA, the client was able to see a substantial benefit to their proposal. GCP provided additional PAN support services in the deal.

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