Warehouse Management System Migrated to the Cloud


Google brought Converge Technology Solutions into this deal as an option for a software client.

The software client needed assistance with one of their customers, a national grocery company. The grocer uses a specific warehouse management system that runs on IBM AIX that needed to be moved to the cloud. We were selected amongst a number of partners due to our extensive skills on the IBM Power Platform and integration capabilities of Power to GCP.


The Converge team built a phased migration plan to transfer the grocery company’s warehouse management system to the Power Cloud aided by IBM. Converge also built and deployed the Landing Zone, so that grocer could operate their servers in the cloud.


Converge is deploying additional phases of the project and has a monthly managed service contract in place. Converge has built a great relationship with the software and grocery companies’ teams that has the potential to bring in more GCP consumption.

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