Inside the 2024 Red Team Penetration Testing Report

Josh Berry
March 19, 2024
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In the unending barrage of cyber attacks, keeping pace with current threats is paramount. A proactive approach that includes penetration testing raises the bar higher, finding exploitable weaknesses before attackers can exploit them.

Our report condenses 12 months of our red team’s penetration results. Our findings come from our team of more than 30 experienced testers who harness a cybersecurity professional’s fervent desire to protect people and organizations with the ingenuity of a seasoned attacker.

Our testers spend every day delving deeply into the intricate web of cybersecurity challenges our clients face. What results is a discovery of weaknesses deep within systems and applications that often go undetected by automated tools. The valuable insight this provides can help you better arm your organization against current attacker efforts.  

What a year of testing uncovered

Download the full report below to see takeaways from 12 months of rigorous testing methods and innovative, hands-on testing by our experts, including:

  • Top test cases
  • Top exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Frequency of vulnerabilities by class
  • Notable trends
  • Key takeaways

Some items are only surprising because of their longevity in continuing to plague organizations, offering a cautionary reminder about how the smallest weakness has the potential to lead to major impact.

Notable trends included are hints of what’s coming. These indicate areas where we increasingly see attacker shifting their efforts. We have highlighted the critical vulnerabilities we see attackers exploiting more frequently and successfully.

The impact on security

This report helps illuminate evolutions in the threat landscape so that more organizations are informed and empowered to fortify their defenses effectively.

Sharing the insights from our red team penetration testing is an extension of our mission to partner with our clients on the front lines of cybersecurity, bolstering and advancing security maturity for a safer world for all. You can read the previous report here.

Download the free report


If you’d like to hear more about advancing your security with penetration testing, let us know and someone from our team will reach out!


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