Create Order From Chaos By Modernizing Enterprise Analytics

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August 2, 2022
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Right now, every organization is trying to use data to gain a competitive edge. Whether it’s driving BI adoption, optimizing a data lake, or experimenting with AI, every one of these activities must stand on a solid, well-ordered foundation of enterprise data.

However, the reality at many organizations paints a far different picture of data—one that’s filled with manual processes, limited self-service tools, data bottlenecks, and data sprawl. When a data estate is a disorganized patchwork of tools, sources, and platforms, it’s hard to make sense of data and use it to create real value.

If you think of an organization’s data estate as being like a library, it’s as though all the books have fallen from the shelves and now sit in a pile on the floor. Creating order from this chaos will only get harder as time goes on and the pile continues to grow. The solution is to get back to basics with an actionable strategy to manage and govern data—from ETL through visualization.

Change happens one book and one shelf at a time. With each step, you build momentum toward creating an expertly curated, cataloged library from which your organization can draw a wealth of insights. Check out our webinar to learn how to make this happen by:

  • Overcoming legacy challenges like data complexity, data replication, and governance issues
  • Driving value incrementally bycreating small wins and leveraging Agile methodologies
  • Reaching analytics maturity by changing data culture and prioritizing analytics initiatives
  • Learning lessons from data modernization case studies across industries

It’s time to build the foundation for your data future. The experts at Converge can help you get there —every step of the way.

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