Economical Business Continuity with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS)

Paul Ward
July 6, 2023
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It is not surprising that every organization needs to have a business continuity plan in their back pocket, ready to use at a moment’s notice. Business continuity is more than just having a single point in time daily backup; the need is for a full recovery that achieves the business-defined RTO and RPO. Many organizations still lack a solution to solve for business continuity, as it has been cost-prohibitive.

If you do not have a true business continuity solution, it is time to give AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) a try. The AWS DRS solution can provide an extremely low RTO/RPO while keeping costs economical. Disaster recovery is a great use of cloud resources as we no longer need to make commitments to colocations or infrastructure costs for recovery locations. 

  • AWS DRS solution allows organizations to quickly and reliably restore business services from your on-premises or cloud-based applications into AWS.  
  • The AWS DRS solution is an agent-based deployment, the agent can be installed on physical or virtual machines across your organization, and it supports a variety of operating systems. 
  • Perform non-disruptive failover test and periodic drills. 
  • Automated launch of systems on AWS within minutes and when the time is right failback to your on-premises environment when ready. 
  • Customers rarely like to test because it’s a time-consuming activity and disruptive, however the automation and simplification encourage frequent drills, even at scale, enabling you to be better prepared for a disaster. 
  • Automated support provides a simplified and expedited experience to failback instances to the original region and both failover and failback processes can be conveniently started from the AWS Management Console. 
  • AWS can be used irrespective of whether your applications are on-premises or in AWS. 

Could AWS DRS make you a hero in your organization? 

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